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  Mold Killer Kit (45% Off)
Mold KIller Kit - MoldSTAT peroxy , Plus & Aireze
Mold Removal Kit
Effective Mold Killer Kit
OR - BEST Value: Big Job Mold Removal
Kit Savings - 45% off retail
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Mold Remover Sale: $51.75
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Mold Killer Kit - Fast mold remover!

MoldSTAT Mold Removal Kit - All in one and free shipping!

  • MoldSTAT Peroxy Kling : Mold Cleaner for vertical surfaces
  • MoldSTAT Aireze fogger : 2 cans - removes the smell of airborne mold
  • MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer : 16oz, makes 21 Gallons, with built-in measurer

Effective, easy to use mold remediation products:
Choose MoldSTAT Mold Removal products to solve your mold problems

Mold Removal Kit features MoldSTAT products:

Initial Mold Cleanup with MoldSTAT Peroxy Kling mold cleaner

  • Removes heavy mold filth and surface mold spores (including black mold)
  • Oxygen Powered Peroxide Mold Cleaner and General Degreaser
  • Environmentally Safe, fast acting

Mold Killer and Cleaner : MoldSTAT Plus

  • Use for initial mold cleanup, accumulated mold remover
  • When surface appears mold spore free (wipe with white paper towel and check for visible mold coloration), then soak the mold spore roots with a final application to penetrate deep into mold roots.
  • EPA Registered Mold Killer MoldSTAT Plus concentrate makes 21 gallons of mold killing spray
  • use indoors and outside
  • MoldSTAT Plus does not contain any chlorine bleach.
  • Effective Fungicide, Mildewstat and virucide

Airborne Mold Odor Removal Fogger / Cleaner

Neutralize mold odors with Aireze mold fogger. Refreshes your project area by removing dank, old mold smells
  • You get 2 cans of Aireze!
  • Compact 3 oz Aireze mold spray canister, can be locked in spray position like a 'bug bomb'
  • Covers 15' x 15' sized space
  • Once Mold Cleaning and Elimination is complete, Aireze Mold Odor Removal removes the mold smell and neutralizes odors

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