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  Spider Traps - 8 spider traps
Premium Spider Traps
Effective insect and spider control
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Spider Traps

Premium Spider Glue Trap by Traps Direct

200% more trap area

  • Traps Direct controls spiders and other insects with a premium unscented glue.
  • Effective Spider control for the household, wolf, hobo and brown recluse spider
  • Also traps crickets, silverfish, bedbugs and other creepy crawlers
  • No dangerous poisons, pesticides or fumes
  • Flexible configuration - tent or Triangle.
  • Unscented - ideal for chemically sensitive consumers
  • Discrete trap with dark blue lettering (unlike red print of other brands).
    Subtle without drawing attention
  • Included : two sheets of spider-trap-4

Traps Direct spider traps last up to 90 days

Spider Trap in action

Easy to use Spider Trap

  • Lasts 3 years when kept in cool area
  • Easy assembly as Triangle, Tent, Edge or Flat Trap
  • Unscented Super Tacky Glue
  • Includes anchor adhesive strip ( for upside down placement)
  • Dispose of in regular trash

Spider Trap 8 pack contents

  • 8 complete spider traps ~ can last 3 months
  • Detailed instructions for Spider Trap use on back
  • Simple assembly: fold, remove wax paper, and place.

Spider Traps Direct Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about the Traps Direct Spider Traps?
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Finally a better spider trap
5 out of 5 stars
I used to buy a different spider trap brand but watched spiders crawl through the 'windows' in these 'insect monitors'. Virtual Spider WallTraps Direct Spider Traps have no window for a spider to escape through, also because the entire inside of the trap is covered in glue, I am able to use it as a huge flat trap.
They work great and I'll keep buying them!

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