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  PRO Roof Cleaning Applicator
Roof Cleaning Applicator - Multi-Ratio
Professional Roof Cleaning Equipment
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Use for Roof Cleaner OX, Roof Cleaner QSE AND Roof Shingle Shield Armor!
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Roof Cleaning Equipment - Half Gallon Sprayer

Professional Hose End Sprayer / Applicator

Economical and effective water operated roof cleaning equipment sprayer ideal for applying acid or caustic cleaners.

Compatible with Cleaner Today Roof Cleaner and Protectants

  • Optimize Roof Cleaning using Roof Cleaner OX and Roof Cleaner QSE
  • Suitable for steep pitch or long distance applications
  • Mix Ratios compatible with Roof Shingle Shield Armor, Roof Cleaner OX and Roof Cleaner QSE **
  • Accurately mixes foaming roof cleaning chemicals, includes foam wand
  • Quick-set dial selects roof cleaning mixing ratio or mixing off setting

Professional Roof Cleaning Equipment Features

  • Sprays Up 25ft*
    * ground level, horizontal, 80psi source; Water Pressure, Roof Height and Pitch reduce distance
  • Exceptional chemical resistance to acidic or caustic cleaners
  • Fan spray deflector included for disinfectants, etc.
  • Durable polymer mixing head with stainless steel screws
  • Anti-siphon built into handle
  • Easy to fill wide mouth bottle
  • Large half gallon bottle, fewer fills
  • Mix 'off' setting for clear water

Know your Roof Cleaning Equipment

** Do not use hose end sprayers with smaller than 1/2 gallon containers, or ratios higher than 12:1.
Most hose end sprayers are not designed to be roof cleaning equipment and are not capable of the mix ratios required by our products, resulting in over dilution and poor or no results.

Pro Roof Cleaning Equipment and more!

Operational Specifications
Water Pressure
- 40 to 90 psi (for maximum accuracy 40 to 60 psi)

- 1-1/2 gallons per minute

Spray Pattern
- Foaming attachment provides a fan spray, remove for a solid stream.
- Deflector attachment for non foaming fan spray patterns.

- Protects water supply.
(Note: a slight discharge of water from base of handle when water is turned off is normal and indicates anti-siphon is functioning properly.)

Multi-ratio Professional Applicator

Multi-Ratio Dial has 5 Mixing Settings and Off
A B C D E 0
1-128 1-64 1-32 1-20 1-10 OFF
1 oz./gal. 2 oz./gal. 4 oz./gal. 6 oz./gal. 12 oz./gal.

3 Spray Options.
1. Foam Wand
Creates foam
Spray Approx 2 ft

2. Fan Spray
Creates a wide Fan Spray
Spray Approx 3 ft

3. No Tip
Solid Stream
Sprays Up 25ft*
* ground level, horizontal, 80psi source
Water Pressure, Roof Height and Pitch reduce distance

Roof Cleaning Equipment Applicator Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Roof Cleaning Equipment Applicator?
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Roof Cleaning Equipment Applicator Review

Made cleaning the roof MUCH easier

My roof is really steep, so steep I wasn't going to try to climb the roof to clean it. Instead I used the Professional Applicator. The applicator attached to my garden hose, and from my ladder at the gutter, I was able to spray the roof qse cleaner to the tip of the steepest roof ridge! That was 22 feet up! I figured it saved me almost $300, because last time I had to hire a professional roof cleaner. Now I know I can do it myself.I also use it to spray on the Roof Armor which has stopped the stains from coming back. Great Product!
Howard Scott from Virginia Beach

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