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Spider Trap Reviews


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Reviews of Catchmaster Spider Traps

The Spider Traps sold by Cleaner Today are universal and can be used for a variety of spiders, brown recluse, hobo, black widow, common house spiders or any crawling insects (yes, even crickets and bettles).

Spider Trap Customer Reviews

What our customers say about Spider Traps.

Busy Spider Trap!

Catchmaster Spider Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Catchmaster Spider Trap PictureHi,
This trap was located in the corner of the master bedroom behind the TV cabinet. I had forgotten about it. I have several traps around the house, but this had the most and the biggest so far.
Thanks! The traps work!

Janice C from Oakland, CA

Our home.. Spider free!

Brown Recluse Spider Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
We just bought an older home and it was full of spiders. We found Catchmaster Spider Traps after looking at several other products. Most were full of chemicals.We prefer a non-toxic approach because of the children and our cats. The traps did a great job. I feel safer at night knowing that traps are on duty. I ordered some more for my parents. Thanks for a product that works!

Susan Warner from Bakersfield, CA

Discrete and these spider traps work!

Brown Recluse Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
I bought these brown recluse traps for the office. Our office is attached to the warehouse, and we have had spiders / insects all over the place. Well these spider traps caught them! Anything that walked across the spider traps stayed in it. My co-workers didn't want to use sprays because we have to work inside the office, and several of us have allergies, so these spider traps were perfect because of the Non-poisonous, and No pesticide design.

We'll keep ordering these brown recluse traps, please keep them in stock!

Wilma S from Greenville SC

Finally a safe spider trap that works

Safe Spider Traps Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
I've been dealing with spiders for years and could never find a product that would totally get rid of them. I would always get frustrated because I like to entertain people at my home, but I couldn't do it as much because the spiders or other crawlers would walk across the floors and I would feel embarrassed. So finally, I decided that I had to do something about it. I started looking online and came across the Catchmaster Brown Recluse Spider Trap. I liked what it said it could do, so I ordered. I'm glad to say that this product is a Godsend. It not only did it work, it exceeded my expectations!

Lauren Baker from Baton Rouge, LA

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18 Green Spider Traps 18 Spider Traps Direct 288i

18 Spider traps - Enough for 1 room
Traps Direct - green spider traps.

Cleaner Today: $14.95
Seasonal Sale : $10.75
Sticky Spider traps Spider Trap - 24 spider traps

Quality Spider traps in a 24 pack

Spider Control Solves your spider problems

Cleaner Today: $23.75
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36 Green Spider Traps 36 Spider & Insect Traps Direct 288i

36 Spider traps - Small Apartment Size
Spider & Insect Control - green spider traps direct

Cleaner Today: $30.28
Seasonal Sale : $17.75
72 Green Spider Traps 72 Spider Traps

72 Spider traps - Small Apartment Size
Spider & Insect Infestation Pack - green spider traps direct

Cleaner Today: $59.75
Seasonal Sale : $26.75
Universal Spider Trap 60 Catchmaster Spider Traps via Priority Mail

Safe, non-toxic, effective spider traps
Traps spiders without poison!
Enough coverage for a large area.

Retail Store: $44.95
Seasonal Sale : $29.85
Priority Mail Included

Short Comments and Compliments

The spider traps arrived fast and worked the first day! - Renee J, Oklahoma