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Moths captured in a kitchen pantry Peanut Eating Moths Trapped
Traps seemed slow, but then ... WOW ! Dog Food Moth Infestation
4.85 based on 143 votes.
Pantry Moth Traps
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Reviews of Moth Traps

Moth Traps sold by Cleaner Today are universal pheromone traps which target the genus Plodia interpunctella (which includes Flour Moths, Pantry Moth, Bird Seed Moth ) used for any food, feed or grain moths.
You can also view pantry moths in the moth trap photo gallery : Pantry Moths Pictures.

Moth Trap Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Moth Traps?

Bird Seed Gone Bad

Bird Seed Moth Trap Product Review
4.5 out of 5 stars
I just got my catchmaster traps for moths. I put one in the garage where the infestation had started because of a bird seed gone bad. Within and hour and one half I checked and had at least 30 moths in the trap already!
This is one great moth trap product!
Nancy in Sturgeon Bay

The Moths Came from Everywhere!

Flour Moth traps Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
I do not normally leave comments about products, but these moth traps are outstanding!

For three weeks I have been killing the moths with a flyswatter and I thought I was doing a great job of getting rid of the pest. When I recieved the traps in the mail I handed them to my wife and said "Well dear here you go, and good luck because I think I already got rid the moths." In just a few minutes my wife starts laughing and called for me. I walked into the kitchen and "WOW" the moths came from everywhere. They were all over the place.

Within 30 minutes we had moths in all four traps. I would just like to thank Cleaner Today for the moth traps and the fast shipping. I will share my experience with all my friends and let them know about the Cleaner Today company.

Thank you very much.

George Hill from Sherwood

Bad Cat Food, Fast Meal Moth Traps!

Meal Moth Traps Product Review
4.5 out of 5 stars
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order for moth traps today. I had noticed the moth population had started to dwindle the past few days (they must have been hiding) but within a minute of assembling one of the traps, there were at least 5 moths right near it. I put that one by my front door and put the other one in the kitchen. We went out for dinner and when we got back there were quite a few moths in the trap by the door and at least 1/3 filled for the one in the kitchen. I just assembled 2 more traps and before I did, not a moth to be seen, but again, within seconds they appeared!

I am just so thankful for your product and so amazed at how quickly they are working! I have had indian meal moths ever since I got a "bad" bag of cat food and they have driven us all crazy for months. I am going to tell everyone I know about your company!!

thanks again!

Jennifer from Massachusetts

No More Flour Bugs!

Flour Bug Moth traps Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Flour Moth Trap PictureI just opened the flour moth traps! I got them out of my mailbox, took them in the house and I could barely get the first trap put together and moths were all over me.
These traps are great!
Once I found my bugs in flour canister I knew where the moths were eating. I threw out the flour, and am on my way to controlling the moths with these traps.
Sheila W from Asheboro

Moth Pheromone Traps sure do work!

Brown Moth pheromone traps Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Brown Moth Pheromone Trap PictureWOW!!! Got your moth traps and they sure do work!
Our kitchen was inundated with brown moths. We cleaned ALL the cabinets, linens, and to no avail. I did some searching for pheromone moth traps on the internet and found you guys
and the moth traps are a Godsend.
After about 2 weeks, we have 3 traps out that have about 25 brown moths in each of them. We still haven't found our source, but with those traps we have seen an enormous reduction.
Thanks so much! Jane S
I don't know if you want pics for advertising...
Jane S from New York

Moth Traps from the Cupboard Pantry

Pantry Moth Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Pantry Moth Traps Picture Fort Worth These three pantry moth traps show the results from 3 weeks on the job.

The left 2 Moth Traps were located in the pantry itself, and the right moth trap was above the door in an adjoining bedroom (in case moths escaped the kitchen.

As you can see the moth pheromone did its job a trapped quite a few moths!

Great product! I will be ordering more so I can always have a moth trap early warning system.

Eric C from Texas

Moth Traps Stationed near Bird Food

Bird Seed Moth Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Bird Seed Moth Traps Picture Florida

Here is a photo of a Bird Seed Moth trap after about three weeks... yuck!

The Moth Trap was placed nearby cabinets that hold bird food.

I placed Moth traps throughout the house and problem solved!


Christine E from Florida

Pantry Moths Trapped on the Cabinet

Pantry Moths Trap Product Review
4.7 out of 5 stars
Pantry Moths Picture Virginia I am very happy with your moth trap for pantry moths
*Please see attached moth trap picture
I put the moth trap on top of the cabinet and had great results!
Thank you.

Lijuan from Virginia

Moth Traps Work Great!

Bird Seed Moth Traps Product Review
4.9 out of 5 stars
These moth traps are a GREAT product
it really really works
I am so thankful to finally have a grip of those pesky little brown moths that seem to have been hanging around forever

I am believing FINALLY there will be an END to the frustration one has when one gets infested by these yucky moths because now I have a combatant moth trap that really does the job

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for having such a moth trap available for purchase
also too, THANK YOU for the quick delivery of my order
you folks are SUPER
I will definitely order from you folks again as need arises.
Carol A from South Carolina

Moths Caught Near My Bird!

Bird Seed Moth Traps Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Bird Seed Moth Trap Picture Oregon Thought you might want to see a photo of bird seed moths I caught in your bird seed moth trap. It was in the room where my bird resides!
Thank You Cleaner Today!
Jodie C from Cave Junction, Oregon

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Indian Meal Moth Traps Indian Meal Moth Traps (2 moth traps)

Safe, Effective, pesticide free moth traps
Moth traps get rid of indian meal moth, flour moth and other pantry moths.
2 indian meal moth traps.
Moth traps that work!

Retail Store : $8.98
Seasonal Sale : $5.85
33% Off Retail
Flour Moth Trap Flour Moth Trap (2 flour moth traps)

Effective, No-Poison flour moth trap
Controls flour bugs, mealy moth, and other pantry pests.
2 complete flour moth traps.

Retail Store : $8.98
Seasonal Sale : $5.85
33% Off Retail
Bird Seed Moth Traps Bird Seed Moth Traps (2 moth traps)

Effective, No-Poison bird seed moth traps
Traps bird seed moths, grain and other pantry moths.
2 complete bird seed moth traps.
No Poison, Bird Seed Safe

Retail Store : $8.98
Seasonal Sale : $5.85
33% Off Retail
Catchmaster Pantry Pest Traps Pantry Pest Traps (2 moth traps by Catchmaster)

Pantry Pest Traps
Safer than pesticides, non-toxic
Targets Flour and Grain moths
Contains 2 complete traps.

Retail Store : $8.98
Seasonal Sale : $5.85
33% Off Retail
Pantry Moth Traps Pantry Moth Traps (2 trap pak) - Shipping Included

Safe and Effective Moth traps
Always non-toxic, natural pheromone lure.
Use to kill pantry moths.
2 complete moth traps.
Pantry Moth Traps - Catchmaster Quailty

Retail w/Delivery : $15.25
Seasonal Sale : $7.70
Pantry Moth trap Moth Trap Special - 8 Moth Traps

Moth Traps on Sale
Safer, Effective, non-toxic.
Moth traps eliminate the pantry pest flour moth, indian meal moth and other pantry moths.
8 pantry moth traps.

Retail Store: $35.92
Seasonal Sale : $19.85
45% Off Retail
Able Catch Pantry Moth Traps 12 Pantry Moth Traps - Shipping Included

Green, Natural Moth traps
Safe for Pets and Family, natural pheromone lure.
12 Green moth traps.
Able Catch Pantry Pest Moth Traps

Retail w/Delivery : $55.55
Seasonal Sale : $26.85
50% off retail & Shipping INCLUDED
Pantry Moth traps Moth Traps - 16 moth traps via Priority Mail

Pantry moth traps
Safe, non-toxic way to kill pantry moths.
Best Moth Traps for little brown moth, kitchen moth, indian meal moth, and other food moths
Natural pheromone lure
16 complete moth traps

Retail Store: $71.84
Seasonal Sale : $39.70
Priority Mail Included

Short Comments and Compliments

Thank you for your fast service! These moth traps work like magic! - Barry L, Oregon