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Spider Traps Prevent Spider Bites

Spider Traps by Catchmaster: Quality Spider Traps since 1952

Catchmaster Spider Traps caught spiders behind a dresser

Spider Traps that really work!

The best spider pesticide is the pesticide you don't use... Choose Pesticide Free Spider Traps as an more effective spider control solution.
Quality glue based spider traps have prevented spider bites in millions of homes.
Spiders are drawn to the non-toxic bait that is INSIDE THE VERY STICKY GLUE.
A Catchmaster / Traps Direct Quality Spider traps are Safe and Effective for catching:
  • Brown Recluse spider,
  • Hobo spider
  • black widow
  • and any other crawling pest / insects!

Spider Glue Traps

The best way to catch a spider is using Sticky Spider Glue Traps.
No Poison means no worries about pets, family or food exposure.
Catchmaster Spider Traps are proudly made in the USA in New York City - Not Imported!

Family safe, non-toxic, no poison, pesticide free, CatchMaster spider traps

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18 Green Spider Traps 18 Spider Traps Direct 288i

18 Spider traps - Enough for 1 room
Traps Direct - green spider traps.

Cleaner Today: $14.95
Seasonal Sale : $10.75
36 Green Spider Traps 36 Spider & Insect Traps Direct 288i

36 Spider traps - Small Apartment Size
Spider & Insect Control - green spider traps direct

Cleaner Today: $30.28
Seasonal Sale : $17.75
72 Green Spider Traps 72 Spider Traps

72 Spider traps - Small Apartment Size
Spider & Insect Infestation Pack - green spider traps direct

Cleaner Today: $59.75
Seasonal Sale : $26.75
Universal Spider Trap 60 Catchmaster Spider Traps via Priority Mail

Safe, non-toxic, effective spider traps
Traps spiders without poison!
Enough coverage for a large area.

Retail Store: $44.95
Seasonal Sale : $29.85
Priority Mail Included
Catchmaster Spider Traps can be hidden upside down. Check out the Spider Trap Guide. The most effective insect, cricket and spider trap you can buy! Get rid of your spider problem today.
Safer than sprays spider trap
Spider Control does not need to involve pesticides! When you use a quality catchmaster spider trap there is no need for dangerous sprays or liquids because the spiders get stuck in the sticky traps glue that is pet and family safe. Don't take chances when dealing with brown recluse spiders!
Spider Trap Solution
When you deal with the question "How to trap a spider?" you want to choose the best way to control spiders. Trap a spider with a sticky trap, and you can avoid the use of sprays or pesticides because a spider glue trap doesn't need those dangerous products. In fact, spider trap is the gold standard for spider control.

Spider Trap Review

4.95 out of 5 stars
Traps Brown Recluse Spiders!
Here are the results: Brown Recluse Spider Traps from the South East

Here's one of your Spider traps with lots of brown recluse spiders on it.
We have plenty of them in the southeast.
(I’m in Mississippi).

Spider Pesticides? Never!
We don't risk poisons for us, our grandkids or pets..
Thanks for a non-toxic choice.

Additional Spider Trap Information

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