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Big Job Bundle - Mold Killer Review

MoldSTAT Mold Killer Big Job Kit

Mold Killer Big Job Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
30 years living in the same home and we had never seen even a small flood, then this year the river water just wouldn't stop. We had 5 feet of water, and our home only sits 2 feet off the ground. While staying with friends, we started looking for a mold removal product that we could use as soon as possible. A reviewer from the Memphis floods mentioned that he had success with Mold Stat big job bundle. We also found reviews from flood victims in New Jersey and New York who suffered damage during Sandy. It was enough proof for us.

When we placed the order for Big Job kit, the Cleaner Today website had a message saying that orders to Baton Rouge would get processed first, it helped to know they cared. The order was shipped the next day and we had it sent to friends who lived outside the flood area, where fedex was still making deliveries.

MoldSTAT arrived quickly, it works and we've shared some with neighbors. Our Pastor has ordered several gallons to distribute to others who lost everything.

It's going to take months to try to get back to where we started, but our family just wanted to say thank you for having a do it yourself product, and also the message that said Priority for Baton Rouge residents, it mattered to us... Thank you.

W Jackson Family from Baton Rouge