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Air Conditioner Mold Removal using MoldSTAT Plus

Q: What can I use to kill mold in my air vents?

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I recently purchased Moldstat Plus Mold Killer and the fogmaster and used it on a basement with mold problems. It has helped immensely with the moldy smell.
Now my problem is that the air conditioner was broken for the summer and the house got very musty. The smell is gone now except when the air conditioner is running. The moldy smell seems to be coming from the Air Vents and air returns.
My question is can we fog the air ducts with the Moldstat that we used on the basement or do we need the a different product for the HVAC.

From : David in Wisconsin

A: MoldSTAT kills AC vent mold

Choose MoldSTAT specifically to combat mold and the associated odors in air conditioner coils, ac vents, and air returns.
The key to effective treatment is to get the MoldSTAT deep into the system. For deeper penetration the Fogmaster Mold Fogger is a Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogger; which means it can shear the droplet size into tiny droplets. The smaller the droplet, the lighter the droplet, the deeper into the system it can be propelled.

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