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  Spider Traps - 32 ambush spider traps
Bulk Ambush Spider Traps
insect and spider control for 2 rooms
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Spider Traps

32 Premium Spider Traps by Traps Direct

  • Traps Direct controls spiders & insects with a premium unscented ULC (Ultra Light Catch) super sticky catch surface.
  • Works for any crawling insects: crickets, silver fish, bedbugs and other creepy crawlers
  • No poisons, pesticides or fumes
  • Unscented - ideal for chemically sensitive consumers
  • Discrete trap with dark blue lettering (unlike red print of other brands).

Traps Direct spider traps last up to 90 days

Spider Trapped

Easy to use Spider Trap

  • Keep in cool storage for up to 3 years
  • Flexible form factor : Tent, Triangle, Edge or Flat Trap
  • Unscented Super Tacky Glue
  • anchor adhesive strip enables placing the trap upside down
  • Simple disposal in regular trash

32 Spider Trap pack contents

  • 32 spider traps ~ can last 3 months
  • Detailed instructions for Spider Trap use on back
  • Ships as Eight Sheets of Item# Spider-Trap-4
  • Simple assembly: fold, remove wax paper, and place.
  • 35% discount on this bulk package.

Spider Traps Direct Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about the Traps Direct Spider Traps?
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Incredible value on a premium spider trap
5 out of 5 stars
Previously I would use insect monitors as a spider trap, but many customers didn't like the red print, and that the monitors didn't say 'spider trap'. Spider Trapped
The Traps Direct spider trap is blue print that says spider and insect trap. It also has glue on all sides of the trap instead of just the bottom which increases the trap rate.
I now recommend these traps to all of my customers.

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