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Pantry Moth Trap

Pantry Moth Trap

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Pantry Moth Traps Products

Pantry moths include the indian meal moth, tobacco moth, brown house moth, and other types of pantry pest moths that appear around rice and grains typically stored in a cupboard or pantry.

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Pantry Moth trap Moth Trap Special - 8 Moth Traps

Moth Traps on Sale
Safer, Effective, non-toxic.
Moth traps eliminate the pantry pest flour moth, indian meal moth and other pantry moths.
8 pantry moth traps.

Retail Store: $35.92
Moth Trap Sale: $19.85
Catchmaster Pantry Pest Traps Pantry Pest Traps (2 moth traps by Catchmaster)

Pantry Pest Traps
Safer than pesticides, non-toxic
Targets Flour and Grain moths
Contains 2 complete traps.

Retail Store : $8.98
Pantry Pest Trap Price: $5.85
33% Off Retail
Pantry Moth Traps Pantry Moth Traps (2 trap pak) - Shipping Included

Safe and Effective Moth traps
Always non-toxic, natural pheromone lure.
Use to kill pantry moths.
2 complete moth traps.
Pantry Moth Traps - Catchmaster Quailty

Retail w/Delivery : $15.25
Pantry Moth Trap Price: $7.70

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