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Review : Peanut Moth Traps


Peanut Eating Moths Captured

Peanut Moth traps Product Review
5 out 5 stars

Peanut Moths Look out!
Peanut Moths captured in Cold Springs

Wow, do they work!

Maureen L from Kentucky

Peanut and Seed Moth Control:

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Pantry Moth traps Moth Traps - 8 moth traps via Priority Mail

Pantry moth traps
Safe, non-toxic way to kill pantry moths.
Best Moth Traps for little brown moth, kitchen moth, indian meal moth, and other food moths
Natural pheromone lure
8 complete moth traps

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Bird Seed Moth Traps Bird Seed Moth Traps (2 moth traps)

Effective, No-Poison bird seed moth traps
Traps bird seed moths, grain and other pantry moths.
2 complete bird seed moth traps.
No Poison, Bird Seed Safe

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Bird Seed Moth Traps: $5.85
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