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Moth Traps - 16 moth traps via Priority Mail
Pantry Moth traps
Effective on all Pantry Moths
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16 Moth Traps - in 8 packages of 2
2-3 day Priority
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Pantry moth traps that work!

Use for Flour moth, Indian Meal moth, and other pantry pests!

Pantry Moths in Moth Trap

How to get rid of pantry moths in your kitchen? Stop the Indian meal moth, Mediterranean flour moth and other grain moths from flying haplessly in the pantry, kitchen and living room with top quality kitchen food pantry moth traps!

Pantry Moth traps a natural, safe, and easy way to trap moths who aren't good fliers and are usually flying alone.

Economically priced 16 Pantry Moth Traps priority shipping included, just $39.70Includes Priority Mail Shipping at no additional cost ($7.90 value)

How to trap a flour, grain and indianmeal moth

Pantry Moth traps can control the adult flour moth and other grain moths. Adult pantry moths don't nest for long, but the grain moth larvae (eggs) in webbed cocoons will infest cracked grain such as flour, wheat or cornmeal.
Use Moth Traps to break the moth reproductive cycle (egg, larvae (sometimes call weevil), adult).
Consistent use of pantry moth traps can break the moth reproduction cycle ending your moth infestation.

Catchmaster flour and grain moth traps features female moth pheromone lures that attract male moths into the moth trap. Once the male flour moth enters, he gets stuck in the moth trap and is unable to find a female mate, preventing nests and egg laying and eventually breaking the moth infestation cycle.

Pantry moth trap products save money!

If you find little brown moths in your kitchen cupboard or food pantry, defend your kitchen pantry from the little brown pantry moths with Catchmaster Pantry Moth Traps to keep your home safe and healthy.

Moth Traps pay for themselves in food savings alone!

Quality pantry moth traps made in the USA for 51 years by Catchmaster.
Moth traps have Bilingual Directions.

16 complete pantry moth traps!

For do it yourself extermination of pantry moths in your home.
(including seed, grain and nut moths)
Natural Pheromone Lure will attract flour moths, meal moths, seed moths, pantry moths and most other food moths to eliminate these pantry pests.

Moth traps are extremely effective.

Pantry Moth Traps Work!
Sticky Glue in Moth traps works for three months, or until full of pantry bugs!
Moth Traps are safely disposed of in your household garbage.
Completely safe, moth traps can be used around food products.

Defend your home!

If indian meal moths, raisin moths or other food moths are getting into your pantry and destroying your food, get rid of them using moth traps.

Food pantry moths are attracted by bird seed, flour oats, and other grains. These moths usually lay their eggs in crevices found in a Pantry shelf or kitchen cupboard.

Catchmaster Moth traps feature a lure which emits female moth pheromones to attract the male moths. Once the male moth enters the trap, he gets stuck and is unable to find a female mate, preventing egg laying, larvae growth and repeated moth infestation of your house.

Exterminate moths and pantry bugs using Pantry Moth Traps in your home to keep your food pantry safe and healthy.

This Special Moth Trap Discount Offer has a total of 16 pantry moth traps.

  • Packaged in 8 sets of 2 moth traps
  • Airtight Cello Packaging
  • Discrete Brown Wood Grain moth traps blend into your home
  • Unopened Moth traps last for 12-18 months

Pantry Bug Moth Traps 16pk Priority Customer Reviews

These are few of the things our customers say about Pantry Moth Traps 16pk Priority?
Read additional reviews : Moth Trap Reviews

Pantry Moth Control and Elimination!

Pantry Moth Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Prompt service. Good product; the Pantry Moth Traps have kept our food storage area free from grain moths since we first used them on an out of control moth infestation. Reasonable price, too.
Rachel G from New York

Like a Huge Moth Magnet!

Pantry Moth Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Pantry Moth Traps Picture Fort Worth The traps work great!
As soon as I put them out I saw moths start to just flock to them.
It was like a huge moth magnet.
We put them all over the house, but these two were on top of our oven range and on top of our kitchen cabinets.

Deanna S from New Jersey

Moth Traps from the Cupboard Pantry

Pantry Moth Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Pantry Moth Traps Picture Fort Worth These three pantry moth traps show the results from 3 weeks on the job.

The left 2 Moth Traps were located in the pantry itself, and the right moth trap was above the door in an adjoining bedroom (in case moths escaped the kitchen.

As you can see the moth pheromone did its job a trapped quite a few moths!

Great product! I will be ordering more so I can always have a moth trap early warning system.

Eric C from Texas

Moth Trap for little brown bird seed moths

Pantry Moth Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
We fought these moths that were in bird seed we bought. To break the cycle of reproduction we used Pheromone moth traps. First we tried a different moth trap brand but it was packaged in a cardboard box that was not airtight, and it didn't have individually packaged pheromone bait.
We kept looking and found these catchmaster moth traps (They even came by Priority Mail, Cleaner Today knows people like us needed the moth traps fast).
The moth traps came in an airtight plastic outer wrap, and each pheromone was individually wrapped.
These moth traps worked great and got rid of that little brown pest.
Now the bird seed stays outside in the shed, and we keep a few moth traps on hand just in case.

Joy and Chris from Scranton, PA

Super Fast Delivery And They Work Great!

Pantry Pest Moth Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
WOW. My Pantry bug moth traps arrived fast!
I ordered the moth traps Friday evening, and they arrived Priority Mail on Monday morning!
Several flour moths have already been caught. These moth traps really work great!
Joe Stanton from Madison, Wisconsin