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6 Moth Traps - Able Catch
Able Catch Pantry Moth Traps
6 Moth traps & 6 Single Wrap Pheromone Lures
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Pantry Moth Traps

Able Catch rethinks Pantry Moth Control

Able Catch captures the sense of the freshest thinking in Pheromone Moth Control by asking why?!?

Start with the Lure

The fresh thinking begins with an agricultural grade lure (tan disc) in a single wrap bait package. The pheromone lure includes directions which most importantly point out: DON'T Touch the lure... Why? Poison? Pesticides? No... the Able Catch Moth trap does not contain any pesticides or poisons. In fact the warning is because of what YOU would do to the lure. Simply put, the oils on our skin (that leave our finger prints all over the place) can be transferred to the lure, degrading the power of the pheromone. So just tear, or clip open the lure packet, and drop it onto the bullseye...

Ascending to Flight Level

Over many years customers have asked why a traditional moth trap takes up counter space, and essentially has to 'sit somewhere' (and typically some where inconvenient.
Traps Direct engineers agreed that a Moth can fly, so why keep moth traps on the ground?
Able Catch Moth Tab Wings.... no it's not a misspelling... Moth Tab ... as in the "Insert Tab through slot" Tab.. once it has been put through the slot, the edges of the tab can be bent backwards forming wings... Use the Moth Tab Wings to attach the moth traps to an unbelievable variety of locations.... You can Tuck the tab into a narrow place like a door jamb, under a outlet cover or under the edge of a wall hanging. Hook the tab wing onto a wire shelf, or the edge of drapes or blinds. Loop the wings onto a pull handle or nail used to hang a calendar. Simple : TUCK, HOOK and LOOP. Details of how to deploy the tab wings can be found at Able Catch Guide.

Able Catch Moth Trap Summary

  • 6 complete moth traps and premium lures
  • 15% larger trap , 5% lower price!
  • Made in the USA
  • Eco-Friendly Zero Waste Package: Instructions under the glue
  • All 6 lures are Individually Wrapped
  • Pheromone Lures time release over 3 months once opened.

Moth Trap Customer Reviews

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No counter space? No Problem!
5 out of 5 stars

No counter space? The dip in the tab on Able Catch Moth Traps tucks under cabinet door knobs. No wasted counter space. You'll be able to catch plenty of moths. I was surprised what a difference it made.