Free Shipping on orders over $35

Pricing Address Speed Details

Saver Shipping

Free Shipping
$35 & over
$4.90 Flat Rate
less than $35
Physical Street
- AND -
Postal Address
if no postal delivery to street address
5+ days
not distance based
Not distance based
SmartPost: Unlike traditional shipping, the timing can not be predicted.
Some SmartPost shipments take 6 business days or more even when shipped nearby.
Need know when to expect delivery?
Choose Priority Mail or FedEx Ground

Priority Mail

based on distance
and weight (max 15lbs)
Postal Address
1 - 3 Day
Zip Code specific
1 - 3 Days based on Zip Code
shipping options will display zip code specific expected shipping time.

FedEx Ground Delivery

based on distance
and weight
(no limit)
Physical Street Address
No PO Box
1 - 5 Day Shipping
based on Map

Shipping times are in Business Days (Mon-Fri) AFTER order processing..
98% of orders are processed within ONE business day.

No SAVER or Free Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or USVI;
Rates and time frames are displayed at checkout.
We do not ship to International Destinations.
All Shipments include detailed delivery tracking!

Postal Service Priority Mail

  • 1 - 3 Day Delivery
  • 15% off Shipping (Orders over $35)
  • Detailed Package tracking
  • Monday - Saturday Delivery
  • No signature is required.***
  • Address must receive Mail
    PO boxes OK
  • Shipments under 15lbs

Fedex Ground/Home Delivery

  • 1- 5 Day Delivery
    (Map above) 34 States within 2 Day Delivery.
  • 15% off shipping (Orders over $35)
  • Detailed Package tracking
  • Residential Delivery Tue - Sat
  • Commercial Delivery Mon - Fri
  • No signature is required **
  • Physical Street address required
    NO PO Boxes

Saver Shipping

  • 5+ Day Delivery
  • Free Saver Shipping (Orders over $35)
    $4.90 Saver Shipping under $35
  • Detailed Package tracking
  • Residential Monday - Saturday Delivery
  • No signature is required, and not an option.
  • Shipped via SmartPost, Parcel Post or FedEx
    CleanerToday's choice, may not be the same between different orders
  • If Physical Address does not receive mail, provide a Mail Address on Address Line 2.

Why make shipping so easy?

We buy things online too, and website SHIPPING RATES make us crazy too! So why not continue your frugal shopping with Saver Shipping!

Do other website shipping policies drive you crazy?

  • Can't find the shipping rates? Or they'll be Calculated AFTER you order?
  • You have to enter every bit of information just to get a shipping rate?
  • Shipping times of 2 - 4 weeks
  • Outrageous rates, or free shipping with crazy $100 minimums?
  • Free Shipping that is delivered by mule teams? (ok, not Mules but the slowest possible method)
We know you just want to know the total cost, so we made shipping easy!

Detailed Shipping Terms

Please note that Cleaner TODAY is not responsible for errors in mailing addresses or delivery instructions.
We ship to EXACTLY the address you provide.
Please check the address you enter to ensure that it is correct and remember that most orders received before noon Eastern time are shipped same day and most all other orders are shipped the next business day.
We ONLY ship to the United States & Territories

Full Terms and Conditions are located on the Terms of Use page.

We do not ship any products using EXPRESS, Air or Overnight services, ground delivery is the fastest shipping option.

FedEX SmartPost

FedEX SmartPost is an eco-friendly method of aggregating shipments to your post office, reducing fuel costs, but increasing the amount of time it takes to deliver a package. This trade off between longer delivery times and reduced fuel costs allows the service to be a low cost delivery opt. Which is why SmartPost is used for our low cost shipping, BASIC SHIPPING, and for our Free Shipping.
This service combines the services of FedEX and the US Postal Service.

FedEX sends your package to a SmartPost Center, which aggregates packages for your local post office, once every 3 days they ship to your post office, then your regular postal carrier has 2 days to deliver the package with your regular mail delivery.

  1. Cleaner Today gives package to FedEX (day 1)
  2. FedEx routes package to regional SmartPost Center (1-2 days)
  3. SmartPost Center waits up to 3 days collecting all packages headed to your local post office (1-3 days)
  4. SmartPost Center ships pallet of packages to your local post office (1 day )
  5. Your Post Office delivers package with your regular mail (1-2 days)
Delivery can be 10 Days or more and is not predicable with respect to distances. In other words, a package shipped from Atlanta to Nashville may take 5 days, and a shipment to Memphis may take 10 days. Depending on the timing at the SmartPost center Although the days are counted in business days, your package may arrive on a Saturday.
Signature service is NOT available on Basic Shipping. If you believe there is any risk that packages may be stolen from your mailbox, please choose an alternative shipping method that allows Signature Confirmation.
The label on FedEX SmartPOST packages will have both a POSTAL tracking bar code and a FEDEX barcode, both are able to be tracked using FedEX tracking, once the Post Office receives the package, scan information will be updated nightly.

FedEx Ground Shipments

When you choose FedEx shipping, we will automatically ship your package "signature not required."
If no one is available at your address when delivery is attempted, your package will be left, usually near the front door, and FedEx will list the package as delivered with a notation of where the package was left.

If FedEx indicates that the package has been delivered we will not accept a lost product refund claim or replace your package.

If you believe there is any risk that packages may be stolen from the area near your front door, we strongly recommend the addition of FedEx Signature Confirmation service.
This service will require someone at your address to sign for the package at the time of delivery.
If no one is available at your address to sign for the package, a notice will be left for you by FedEx indicating the date of the next delivery attempt.
If no one can be available to sign for the package DO NOT CHOOSE THIS SERVICE.
However please note that FedEX Home Delivery service will deliver on Saturdays.
To add FedEx Signature Confirmation service, use coupon code "signature" after selecting FedEx delivery.
This service costs an additional $2.75.

Postal Service Priority Mail

When you receive your invoice confirmation email it will contain a U.S.P.S. Delivery Confirmation number which may be used to track the pick-up and delivery of your package.
Please note it may take up to 24 hours for the U.S.P.S. to scan and enter your Delivery Confirmation into their computer systems.

If you believe there is any risk that Priority Mail deliveries in your area may be stolen, then we strongly recommend the addition of U.S.P.S. Signature Confirmation service.
This will require someone at your address to sign for the package or for the package to be picked up at the local Post Office.
To request this service, use coupon "signature"
This service costs an additional $2.75.

If the U.S.P.S. Delivery Confirmation indicates that your package has been delivered, we will not accept a lost product refund claim or replace your package.

The U.S.P.S. Delivery Confirmation service also provides detailed tracking to indicate the most recent location of your package
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  • All Shipments include Detailed Package Tracking.