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Spider Traps - 64 spider traps
Smart Spider Traps 64 count
Smart insect and spider control
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Style Discontinued.
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72 Green Spider Traps

64 Traps Direct Spider Traps

Spider Trap 64 pack - Combat Home Infestations

Now over 200% more trap area

  • Smart spider trap, Edge to Edge design
  • break infestations of brown recluse spiders
    or any household spider (including wolf & hobo)
  • If it crawls, it's caught!
  • Synergistic glue is non-toxic safe around food
  • Flexible configuration - block spider movement using virtual wall, tent or wedge configurations.
  • No detectable fragrance - well suited if you are chemically sensitive
  • Blends into your decor
    Discrete trap patterned blue with subtle lettering

Effective for at least 3 months or until full of insects. (including brown recluse spiders, roaches, earwigs, millipedes )

Spider Trapped

Smart Spider Trap

  • Lasts 3 years when kept in cool area
  • Unscented Ultra Catch Glue
  • Includes anchor adhesive strip ( for inverted or fixed anchorage)
  • Simple to assemble ( virtual wall , Wedge, Tent or BaseBoard )

Spider Trap - Home Infestation 64 pack contains:

  • 64 smart spider traps ~ (3 yr storage, 3 months active trapping)
  • Includes 16 Sheets of 4 each - Item # spider-trap-4
  • Detailed instructions for Spider Trap use on back
  • Simple assembly: fold, remove wax paper, and place.

Traps Direct Infestation Pack Reviews

What do our customers say about the Traps Direct Spider Traps?
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Virtual Wall works..
5 out of 5 stars
Usually when I see something like Ultra Catch or Virtual Wall I just dismiss it as marketing. The reason I bought the Home Spider Infestation Control Pack was the price. (The price was even lower than the insect monitors that other places sell, which only have half the glue area).

Virtual Spider Wall After receiving the Smart Spider Traps I knew they were different from the time I remove the was paper. It was almost a battle to get the paper off... The Ultra Catch glue was practically sticking to the wax paper!

Using these traps is simple, and they are printed in a reasonable blue so they don't catch your eye from across the room.

I used them in my cabin in Vermont over the winter, using the virtual wall (which is attaching the 3 or more traps tab to slot ) approach. Actually I guess I made a virtual room. Spiders normally crawl in under the door way so using 3 virtual walls I boxed in the front door when I left the cabin (so I could still swing the door open without hitting any traps)
When I returned in the spring, the traps were covered in spiders, mostly on a straight course to the center of the room, but also several along the walls where they are expected.

In short I was shocked... Virtual Wall and Ultra Catch are really good descriptions. So I have ordered another infestation pack to put up another virtual room when I am gone.