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Flour Moth Trap (2 flour moth traps)
Flour Moth Trap
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Contains 2 Kitchen Flour Moth Traps
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Trap Kitchen flour moths

Kitchen Flour Moth Traps for Mediterranean Flour Moths

Flour Moth Trap Using a Flour Moth Trap in your cupboard / pantry prevents a infestation of your flour, wheat, corn meal, cereal, pancake mixes and other dry grains by flour bugs (or other pantry bugs).
The little brown mediterranean flour moth (or any other type of grain moth) lays its eggs in canister lids and cupboard cracks. When you see bugs in flour many times you have spotted the flour moth larvae and pupae. These flour bugs (many times called flour weevils, mealy bugs or flour insects) will continue to feed and grow into flying adult flour moths.

First defense, throw away any infested flour, then set out Moth Traps to start catching adult moths. Catchmaster Flour Moth Pheromone traps use a proven moth pheromone bait to lure the adult male flour grain moths. Wheat Flour moth traps capture the male, preventing mating, and that break the grain moth life cycle finally getting rid of flour grain moths!

Effective Flour moth trap for the pantry and kitchen moths.

Also known as an Indian Meal Moth Trap, Grain Moths trap, Food Moth Traps, wheat moth trap, corn meal moth trap or Bird Seed Moth Trap

2 Mediterranean Flour Moth Traps
in each package.
Proudly Made in the New York City, USA.

Package of 2 non-toxic flour moth traps

  • Control pantry pest flour bugs that ruin your dry grains
  • Pesticide free method to kill flour moths is safe around food products.
  • Mediterranean Flour Moth trap uses a safer pheromone lure which emits female moth scents to attract the male flour moth
  • Moth trap lure attractant works on the flour moth, indian meal moth, wheat moth, seed moth and most other little brown food moths
  • The pair of flour moth traps can work up to 3 months
  • non-toxic flour moth traps are an effective flour moth control solution
  • Safe around food products, family and pets!
flour moth trap

Flour Moth Control Moths Traps Save Your Food

The little brown flour bugs infest: pasta, flour, corn meal, cake mix, rice, cereal boxes, cornstarch, grain, oatmeal, bird seed, pancake mix, nuts, dried fruit, cat food, dog food, tea, nuts, pistachios, herbs and spices. Flour Moth larvae hatch in these stored food products and containers.

Many times food imported from overseas already has a flour moth larvae inside. Ensuring that once the package is opened, a flour moth infestation will occur

Catchmaster Flour Moth trap also works on: cereal moths, Mediterranean moths, almond moths or tobacco moths. Once the male moth enters the grain moth trap, it gets stuck and is unable to find a female moth to mate, preventing future moth infestations.

Control a Flour Moth Infestation

Control flour moths by using flour moth traps and keep your pantry flour moth free.
Flour moth traps contain no poisons, are pesticide free, easy to use, and they work!
Flour moth traps - how to kill flour moths without the worry of chemicals!

What do you get?

  • Package contains 2 flour moth traps and 2 pheromone moth lures
  • Moth Traps have Individually wrapped pheromone flour moth lures
  • Moth trap direction and assembly instructions are printed on the package
  • Flour Moth Traps are a dark wood grain that blends into the cupboard shelves
  • Flour Moth Traps have a shelf life of 2 years
  • Once in use Flour Moth Traps will last for up to 3 months

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No More Flour Bugs!

Flour Moth traps Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
I just opened the flour moth traps! I got them out of my mailbox, took them in the house and I could barely get the first trap put together and moths were all over me.
These traps are great!
Once I found my bugs in flour canister I knew where the moths were eating. I threw out the flour, and am on my way to controlling the moths with these traps.
Sheila W. from Asheboro