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MoldSTAT Coating & Protectant Gallon
Mold Prevention
Step 3 in Mold Remediation
Prevent Mold Regrowth
1 Gallon Ready to Use Mold Prevention

Coverage range:
350 sq ft (bare wood)
600 sq ft (Painted drywall)

Cleaner Today: $150.25
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Stock: Discontinued.
Alternate: 4 x
MoldSTAT Barrier


Mold prevention using - Mold STAT Protectant Coating

Mold prevention with an EPA Registered Fungicide

MoldSTAT Microbial Protection Layer

An extremely durable coating to prevent mold regrowth, MoldSTAT Mold Resistant Coating and Encapsulator has been developed to tolerate humidity and moisture conditions that provide the ideal environment for fungal black mold or other mold growth. Forming a barrier to discourage and prevent growth of mold.
  • Containing EPA Registered Broad Spectrum Fungicides
  • MoldSTAT protectant Dries FAST to a Clear Finish
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Resistant and VOC Compliant
  • Contains No Zinc
  • Safe to paint over

MoldSTAT Mold Prevention Microbial Advantages

Contains EPA registered, broad-spectrum fungicides to prevent the growth of mold and other harmful microbes on the surface of the cured film.

The Mold STAT Protectant smooth finish minimizes dirt build-up that provides nutrients for mold growth.

  • offers the ultimate mold-resistant protection
  • MoldSTAT Mold Prevention Coating is durable and easy to apply
  • porous and non-porous surfaces are protected from mold
  • easily adheres and encapsulates surfaces such as glass, plastic and finished metals.
  • water resistant
  • Eco friendly and environmentally safe
  • MoldSTAT Mold Prevention coating can be painted over
  • Apply with airless sprayer or paint roller (not compatible with Fogmaster JR)
  • Ready to use Gallon can treat 350-600 sq feet (depending on how porous the surface).

Essential Part of Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Projects

MoldSTAT Mold Resistant Coating and Encapsulator is a protective dressing for any water or microbial damaged surface and highly recommended for all restoration and microbial remediation projects.

MoldSTAT is ideal for surfaces in

nursing homes, hospitals, athletic facilities, bathrooms, smoking areas, Hotels and motels, apartments, closets, locker rooms, public buildings, schools, recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, animal shelters, office buildings, restaurants or Cars.

Mold Prevention Made Easy

First Kill Mold with Mold STAT plus Mold Cleaner
Then Prevent Mold Regrowth with the Mold Coating and Encapsulator

No Mold on Florida Sidewalk after 2 years

MoldSTAT Coating and Protectant Product Review
5 out of 5 stars
3 years ago we purchased MoldSTAT Coating and Protectant and applied it to one square of a side walk in front of our building. In coastal Florida heat and humidity we wanted to see how well the coating would work, and stand up to daily foot traffic.

After 2 years, the MoldSTAT protectant sidewalk square still had no mold, while the rest of the sidewalk was routinely power washed to remove the mold and mildew. Just to be sure, after 2 years, we pressure washed the treated square to remove the coating, and sure enough after a few weeks mold started to grow again.

The MoldSTAT Coating and Protectant worked better than we could have imagined. Now the entire side walk is coated, and looks great!

Thanks for a great product!

John L from Gulf Coast, Florida