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MoldSTAT Barrier Gallon - Mold Removal Spray
4 Bottles MoldSTAT Barrier (1 sprayer)
4 Quarts Mold Remediation Spray
( 1 Trigger Sprayer )
EPA registered Mold Removal & Prevention
4 - 32 oz bottles mold spray & 1 Trigger Sprayer

15% off - 4 bottle Savings (50% off retail)

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Stock: Discontinued
MoldSTAT Protector


One Step - Mold Removal Spray - Gallon Size

Protects with an invisible antimicrobial shield

  • EPA registered | mold killer & prevention spray
  • Encapsulates mold and mold spores to prevent future mold
  • Dries Quickly on any surface
  • Ready To Use, no mixing required
  • No Chlorine Bleach, No acids or phosphates
  • Approved for ALL SURFACES including:
    wallboard, plaster, masonry, concrete
    tile, curtains, carpets and upholstery

Gallon Size - 4 Quarts MoldSTAT Barrier

This product is shipped as 4 quarts of MoldSTAT Barrier mold removal spray with 1 Trigger Sprayer.
if you need more sprayers, purchase MoldSTAT Barrier individual bottles insteadMold Killing without Bleach

Pricing is 15% savings off each bottle compared to buying 4 bottles individually

Black Mold Remediation and Removal Review(s)

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Ice Maker Leak and Mold Control Spray
4.75 out of 5 stars
We discovered the ice maker had been leaking when Rose stepped into soggy carpet in front of the refrigerator. The water line had a small crack and was probably leaking for several weeks. From the kitchen we could smell the mold. When I went into the crawl space underneath, I could see black mold all around the leak.

A mold remediation company wanted quite a bit more than we thought was reasonable. After several days investigating how to remove black mold from wood; we selected the Barrier mold control spray.

The order arrived quickly and we sprayed the moldstat barrier and cleaned the area, brushed away the dead mold, then applied one more layer to prevent the mold from returning. We also applied the barrier to the carpet to make sure mold wouldn't grow.

Two weeks later, with the carpet dry and icemaker water line replaced, there is no longer a mold smell or any signs of visible mold. Glad we found Barrier and would recommend it to others.