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MoldSTAT Barrier - Clean, Eliminate and Prevent Mold
MoldSTAT Barrier - One Step Mold Removal Spray
1 Step Mold Remover
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MoldSTAT Protector


One Step - Mold Removal Spray

Creates an invisible antimicrobial shield

MoldSTAT Barrier Advantage:

  • EPA registered | mold killer and prevention spray
  • Anti-Microbial Prevents future mold
  • Dries Quickly on any surface
  • Ready To Use, no mixing required
  • No Chlorine Bleach, No acids or phosphates
  • Approved for ALL SURFACES including:
    wallboard, plaster, masonry, concrete
    tile, curtains, carpets and upholstery

Prevents damage caused by mold

Use MoldSTAT Barrier mold removal spray for household mold and mildew removal.

MoldSTAT Barrier is a simple, one easy step process that:

  • Cleans surface mold and mildew
  • Kills surface mold & mold roots
  • Prevents mold using an antimicrobial shield
  • MoldSTAT Barrier Customer Reviews

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    Mold Cleaner I know is working.

    MoldSTAT Barrier Product Review
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I thought the ordering was easy and the delivery time great
    I really like the mold barrier product
    really have seen a difference in the kitchen where I saw this particular fungus was 'pitting' the countertop. MoldSTAT Barrier restored it to its original state so I know it is working!
    Roland Family from Tampa, Florida