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Roof Armor Mold Prevention
Roof Mold Stain Prevention
Roof Stain Shingle Shield
Roof Stain Black Streak Prevention

3000 sq ft coverage

ONLY apply to visibly CLEAN shingles
Clean first with or

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Black Streak Stain Prevention

Shield your roof shingles from Future Roof Stains

Roof Armor Technique does not require rinsing and annual shingle care using the roof armor technique will prevent roof stains from forming. For use on a Just Cleaned roof or as routine shingle care for an unstained roof. Keep Roof Mold and Black Algae from overgrowing your shingle, tile or shake roof in one annual application.

Easy Application Roof Stain Prevention

Safe and Simple roof shingle shield and preventative , roof armor is applied from the end of a hose, and requires no rinsing. Just that easy, spray and forget until the same time next year!

Roof Armor is safe for plants, pets, painted surfaces and ensures ongoing peace-of-mind that you'll never need to use the roof cleaner again.

Apply using a Hose End Sprayer or Roof Cleaning Equipment - PRO Applicator.
Roof Armor packaging saves on shipping costs, by using a concentrated liquid formula, 1 container covers 3,000 sq ft of Roof Shingles.

Annual Roof Maintenance

Once finished cleaning your shingle roof, keep roof mold under control when you shield shingles from roof stains using Roof ARMOR.

Do I need Roof Armor Protectant?

Roof OX and Roof QSE all contain powerful cleaners, and surfactants that will remove visible roof mold and algae stains.
Roof Armor Protectant is designed to be used on a clean roof, to prevent the return of visible stains.
Use Roof Armor for:
  • New Roofs
  • Recently Cleaned Roofs
  • Annual Roof Mold Stain Prevention

How does the Roof Armor Technique work?

To understand how the Roof Armor Technique works to prevent roof stains we need to consider what makes up roof stains.

Roof Stains are actually huge colonies of Algae, Lichen, Moss, mildew and mold, typically over 1 million algae cells. The algae colony is so large that it becomes visible from the ground. A good way to consider this is the lights we can see at night from an airplane. New York city is very visible at night because it has millions of lights, where as Euharlee, Georgia won't be seen because there are so few lights. The algae colony is similar. When the roof algae colony is growing there are not enough algae to be seen from the ground. But between 15 and 24 months the colony becomes large enough to be seen from the ground, and we call it a roof stain.

When you clean your roof, you are removing the algae colony and all of the built up roof algae thus restoring your roof to a 'clean' condition. But shortly after you clean, the wind and animals can spread the algae back onto your roof, where it will once again start to grow from 1 cell, into 2 cells into 4 cells, then 8 , 16 and on until the colony once again becomes large. The growth of the colony will take more than 15 months.

The roof armor technique uses a once-a-year application of a roof mold cleaner that will wipe out the growing algae colony returning the roof back to a 'clean' condition every 12 months, which never gives the colony time to grow to "roof stain" size. Because there is no visible roof stain (the colony is too small) there is no need to rinse the roof armor cleaner from the roof.

By using the roof armor technique every year, the roof algae never get a chance to grow a large colony, and your roof never has the appearance of roof stains. This approach to roof cleaning is called a interruption strategy because it interrupts the roof mold and algea colony's growth.

Using Roof Armor

How is Roof Armor applied?

Roof Armor Coverage

Roof Armor Protectant makes 20 gallons of shingle stain prevention.
Each gallon will cover 150 sq ft of Roof
20 gallons x 150 sq ft = 3000 sq ft coverage

When should Roof Armor be applied?

Roof Armor can be applied anytime from the day you clean your roof through 12 months after roof cleaning.

The key to using roof armor is that it be applied every year after the initial application.

By using the Roof Armor technique you can prevent the appearance of roof stains by making preventing algae, mold and mildew colonies from becoming large enough to be seen from the ground (typically called a roof stain).

Roof Armor Treatment is powered by MoldSTAT Plus..

MoldSTAT Plus is an EPA registered mold remover which wipes out the roof algae colony so that it can never grow large enough to be visible.

For mold removal on surfaces other than shingle roofs, visits Cleaner Today's departments dedicated to:
mold removal products including :

Roof Shingle Shield Armor Protectant Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Roof Shingle Shield Armor Protectant?
9 Years, still no roof stains
5 out of 5 stars
I am re-ordering my annual supply of Roof Armor Mold Prevention. I first applied Roof Armor 9 years ago after cleaning my roof with Roof QSE. Roof cleaning took plenty of effort, and I remember being skeptical that an annual stain prevention spray would really stop the stains from coming back.

But I can tell you that it works, and I am grateful for a product that does what it says, year after year!

Great Service and the Roof Looks Great

5.0 out of 5 stars
Thank you for a great product.
And, also, thank you for shipping me a replacement bottle so quickly after the first one leaked during shipping.
My husband put it on our roof the same day it came , and it looks great.
Linda N from Florida
Great Stuff to keep roof stains at bay
5.0 out of 5 stars
Needed to order roof armor treatment for this year, this stuff is really great!
The best way I can tell you how well it works is to buy it again this year.
Roof mold stains have not returned since I started using it and I recommend roof mold stain armor to anyone who asks.
John Edwards from Pennsylvania
Keeps my roof looking new
4.9 out of 5 stars
My roof had been badly stained by black streaks which turned out to be algae. I used a local roof cleaner outfit that used Roof QSE to clean it, and they told me to use Roof ARMOR every 6 months (because I live on the water).I was worried it would be difficult, but I just use the Pro sprayer, and spray it on from the ground, I don't have to rinse it.
Roof stains haven't come back and Gail and I are thrilled!
Stanley W from Florida