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Shingle Cleaner OX - Bulk 50lbs (makes 100 Gallons)
Roof Cleaner OX - Roof Cleaning Business size
Bring a GREEN cleaner to your customers today!
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Only $5.98/lb
18,700 Sq Ft Coverage makes 100 gallons!
Cleaner Today: $746.97
Contractor Volume Price: $297.77
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Cleaner OX Contractor Bulk

Effective Eco Friendly Roof Cleaner, Fence Cleaner, Deck Cleaner, Vinyl Cleaner

Bulk Contractor OX Purchase

Contractor bulk packaging (50lbs - packaged in 50 private label ready, unmarked single EZ Pouches) helps roof cleaning professionals manage their roof cleaner chemical costs, and offer an earth friendly, non-toxic option to clean black streaks, mold, green algae and moss from surfaces.

Contractor OX Coverage

1 50# box = 100 gallons = full coverage 18,700 sq ft


If you have not tried Roof Cleaner OX, we ask that you purchase the contractor sampler size, with our full satisfaction guarantee, before deciding to order the Contractor Bulk OX-50. Because of the extreme discounts offered on our contractor bulk OX 50, this item is NOT eligible for returns or refunds.
  • Offer Roof Cleaner OX to for customers who care about the safety of their family and their planet.
  • Roof OX attacks and breaks down organic stains to totally remove them from the surface.
  • Roof OX Roof Cleaner is activated by water where it releases oxygen which releases powerful cleaning and stain removal.
  • You can trust Roof OX roof cleaner to be color safe, user safe, environmentally safe.
  • When customers ask for a "Green" Cleaner, offer Roof Cleaner OX.

Roof Cleaner OX 50lb Contractor Bulk Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Roof Cleaner OX 50lb Contractor Bulk?
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Roof Cleaner OX 50lb Contractor Bulk Review

I love the product because it works.

I love the product because it works.
The fact that is non-corrosive, safe for me, and safe for the environment is great. It also prevents me from having to handle bleach, and prevents me from having to add 50 or more plastic bleach bottles per month to a landfill.
At a time when there is tremendous need to become more earth friendly, OX has helped my small company greatly reduce its impact on the environment.
I am a proud user of OX, and look forward to using it more
Chris L from Church Point, LA

Roof Cleaner OX 50lb Contractor Bulk Review

Could not believe the results!

When I purchased roof ox I hoped it would work. I did my house and it worked GREAT, I could not believe the results! The stains went away, and it wasn't hard at all!
My neighborhood has an epidemic of roof stains, on my street alone, half the houses are covered.
I work for a big company, but am cleaning roofs on weekends, and with this product I am considering just cleaning roofs full time. Thanks for making Roof OX.
Paul from Richmond, VA

Roof Cleaner OX 50lb Contractor Bulk Review

Great Price, NO Fillers, 100% of what I needed

I've been cleaning roofs for 5 years and have grown to 3 trucks. Our signature cleaning is gentle and eco-safe.
In the past we used another national brand, but it always left filler in our tanks. The filler would clog our pumps, and since we were purchasing by the pound, the filler was driving up the prices. So we looked for a new eco-safe products with No Filler and ideally lower prices.
We found Cleaner Today and ordered Roof OX on the sly to see what the product was like.
Our tests found no fillers, and an even more effective cleaner! That alone was enough to sell us.
We were thrilled when we found that contractor prices were actually lower than the other brands.
With better pricing, and No filler, we can get the job done faster, and have improved our margins by 15%.
Thanks to Tim and his team for offering a quality product, at fantastic prices.
Carl from Memphis, TN