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Siding GRIP - Gravity Resistant / Improved Performance
Siding Cleaning with Siding Cleaner GRIP
Discontinued product.
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Discontinued product.


Siding Grip enhances the performance of Wood Cleaner OX or Siding Cleaner OX by thickening the formula.
  • GRIP - resists gravity's pull
  • GRIP - clings to high siding longer, defying gravity!
  • GRIP - Allows improved cleaner performance through longer contact time
  • GRIP - Absorbs water keeping surface moist on sunny days

Siding GRIP thickens Vinyl Siding cleaners, and may reduce flow on some sprayers.
Roof GRIP thickens Roof QSE / Roof OX cleaners, and may reduce flow on some sprayers, and is not compatible with Diluting Sprayers.
** NOT compatible with ANY Hose End Sprayers (Roof Armor Applicator or Roof Cleaning Equipment - PRO Applicator)
Siding GRIP is NOT a Cleaner.  It is used with Siding Cleaner OX

How is Siding GRIP applied?

  • Siding Grip is added to the Cleaner Solution

  • Siding GRIP can be added at any time
    typically, at the end of application, Siding GRIP is added, to reapply to worst stains

  • Siding GRIP EZ-Pouches are premeasured, each pouch thickens 5 gallons.

Additional Information Siding Grip

Do I need Siding GRIP?

Siding Cleaner OX contains powerful cleaners, and surfactants that will coat the surface.
These products work perfectly well without Siding GRIP.

Use Siding GRIP for:
  • Very hot days where water would evaporate too quickly
    (All cleaners must remain moist to clean,
      if they dry out too soon, your results will be reduced.)
  • Stubborn stains or Thick coats of Moss / Algae that need more penetration
  • Heights over 6 ft.

Using Siding GRIP

Add Siding GRIP powder to the cleaning solution

Wait 10 minutes for thickening to complete.

then add Siding GRIP and reapply cleaner to stubborn areas.

(This approach allows just 1 Siding Grip to be used / 1000 sq ft cleaned.)

Siding Grip Coverage

Siding GRIP Coverage

Siding Grip enhances performance of Siding Cleaner OX by thickening the cleaner.
This allows longer contact time, less product waste from run-off, and less evaporation.

Each GRIP EZ Pouch covers 1000 sq ft of Siding (5 gallons of cleaner).
(It may only be necessary to thicken for stubborn stains, or high siding.)


Helps thicken the siding cleaner

Siding Grip Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
After adding Siding Grip to the Siding OX 2000 on the cleaner stayed on the siding even longer and it was easier to rinse
Jackie M from Lansing MI