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From: Scott Sellinger - Atlanta
Re: Getting Rid of Moths

  few seconds... That's all the time you've really got before a little brown moth sneaks in your doorway, or garage; and now you have moths in your home. Once inside the moths find the most meager scraps of food, and they start to breed.  First 2 moths, a week later 10, in a month you have over 75 moths camped out in your home, making it a moth depot.  No matter how clean the inside of the house is, the indian meal moth, bird seed moth and other moths find food, and don't plan on leaving!

You reached us because you have moths, and they have become unwelcome house guests.  You've probably tried getting rid of moths using dangerous insecticides, liquid moth spray or sprinkled powders that ruin clothes and carpets.   Maybe you've tried squish each small brown moth one by one.  But the life cycle from moth larvae to adult moth happens so quickly, you just can't keep up with the moth infestation explosion! 

But it always seems even though you killed one moth flying through the kitchen, there are ALWAYS MORE MOTHS.

For me it was my garage!  I feed birds in atlanta,  many cardinals, bluebirds and others that rely on our family for bird seed.  We bought plenty of bird seed and kept it in the garage.  Well, a few weeks later the bird seed was FULL of MOTHS.  It appears that moth larvae can live in seed, and probably came with the seed when we bought it.

You can guess the problem, with plenty of bird seed for food, the garage became a moth community, and moths would sneak in the door when I got in the car.  Within weeks there were moths inside EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE.   I am writing this because, I HAD the same moth problem.


Get rid of Moths!

Moth Traps Proven to work!"

So the burning question is "How can YOU break the moth infestation cycle, and start getting rid of moths?"

I've got just the answer. Moth Traps, not just any moth trap.  These moth pheromone traps are the MOST EFFECTIVE.  Safe for the family and pets, No pesticides, No funky odors or liquids.

These moth traps work at the root of the problem.  Proven moth traps use the technology of powerful and natural attractants to lure certain moths to their doom. 

These natural moth traps attract and capture the house moth (also known as an Indian meal moth trap, Mediterranean flour moth trap, almond moth trap, bird seed moth trap and raisin moth trap) by using the same chemical pheromone that female moths use to attract male moths for mating! 
Male moths are drawn by the scent and caught on the capture pad. 
Removing male moths prevents mating and egg laying, meaning no moth larvae or moth webbing, which in turn stops the moth life cycle.

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8 Traps

Only $19.85  (40% Off, Best Value)

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When the trap is set the red pheromone square in the center emits the natural moth mating scent, and the male moths FLOCK to it.  Once they are caught, the females can't reproduce, and you are freed from the moth infestation cycle!

The key to how to get rid of moths is moth trap coverage.  Because moth traps are sold in pairs, most homeowners set one trap, and save the other.  This is the big mistake!  Proper Coverage is Critical step when getting rid of moths

"I've broken the moth infestation cycle, this was only product that worked!"

Moths invaded my home 2 years ago. The moth infestation was in every room in my house!  From the garage they made their way into the living room, bedroom and then attic.  There were hundreds of moths.  They had to GO!

Nothing worked the way I needed. I have allergies, and insecticides just don't work for me.  I tried powders and some took 3 times the amount of product and still more moths.

No Luck..  I just wanted my house back.

I found your site, and learned that I was solving the wrong problem.  Killing the adults moths does no good when a single female can lay 100-400 eggs.  And the key to all natural moth control was coverage!  I purchased 2traps for every room, put them all out at once, and in 30 days... NO MORE MOTHS!!

Thanks a TON Scott for such a GREAT product, but even more for the guidance on how to get rid of moths!

--- Daniel Rogers

Click to Order Moth Traps Now!

8 Traps

Only $19.85  (40% Off, Best Value)

2 Traps, shipped -  $7.70
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The Key to Moth Control is coverage!

Trap all of the males and reproductive cycle of the moth infestation is broken.
  Place 2 traps in each room (near window & doorway)

The moth traps catch the male moths,
females moths stop reproducing,
and you reclaim your home!

All of the features you need to feel safe!

Premium Catchmaster Quality
No Pesticides, completely non-toxic
Last for 3 months
Ready to use
Works with pheromones, naturally.

Click to Order Moth Traps Now!

8 Traps

Only $19.85  (40% Off, Best Value)

2 Traps, shipped -  $7.70
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