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  Mold Fogger Aireze - Mold Odor Remover
MoldSTAT Aireze Fogger
Mold Fogger for mold odor removal
3 oz Mold Fogger Can
Mold Fogger Aireze covers 15ft x 15ft room

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Mold Odor Removal - Aireze

Aireze Mold Fogger - Safely Neutralizes Mold Odors

Aireze mold fogger can neutralize mold odors while being environmentally safe

Aireze mold fogger is powered by an encapsulating technology that neutralizes airborne mold odors commonly associated with microbes and bacteria.

Mold Odor Remover Aireze comes in a 3 oz can with a fogger dispenser using a momentary or lock-down tab

Mold Fogger Aireze Advantages:

  • Restores freshness to all Mold Removal Project Areas where mold cleaning products have been used
  • Compact 3 oz mold fogger spray canister
  • Effective Mold Odor Remover for 15' x 15' sized space
  • Musty odor control in moldy areas
  • Safely encapsulate and neutralize odors associated with mold cleaning projects

Moldy Room Smell?

Have you ever walked into a room and smell that mold funk?

The mold odor just doesn't smell fresh, and it seems there is no way to get rid of it?

The mold smell is because of airborne mold spores, a sure sign it's time to consider mold odor removal.

Mold and mildew lead to a basement that smells, early hotel checkouts, and just a sense of OLD building stink.

Where to use the Aireze mold odor fogger?


  • hotels and motels, apartments, public buildings, schools, nursing homes, hospitals,
  • closets, locker rooms, athletic facilities, bathrooms, smoking areas,
  • recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, or automobiles
  • Or Anywhere that has that mold smell and mold funk.

Stopped Smoking? Get rid of the smoke smell with aireze!

Many people use Aireze to convert a Smoking vehicle in to a Non-Smoking vehicle.

Hotels and Motels use Aireze to convert to non-smoking rooms.

Powerful encapsulation technology removes airborne mold scent.

mold smell removal directions


Spray into air that smells bad (typically caused by mold spores, mildew growth, or even stale cigarette smoke)
Lightly Press Spray button

For use as a Fogger

Close exterior doors.
Place mold fogger in the center of room.
Lay several sheets of paper under moldstat fogger.
Point can away from face and push down on activator edge to lock under outer ring.
Leave area for a minimum of one hour.

MoldStat Aireze Fogger Great for use in:

hotels and motels, apartments, public buildings, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, closets, locker rooms, athletic facilities, bathrooms, smoking areas, recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, animal shelters, office buildings, restaurants and autos.

Aireze is can be used as the final step after mold removers or anywhere mold removal projects have recently been completed. Or use Aireze before tackling a mold remediation project. The more often you need Aireze, the sooner you'll need to kill mold spores at the source.

Mold Fogger Customer Review

Fresh scent now that the mold is gone
4.5 out of 5 stars
First I use Concentrated mold killing spray in the Point and Shoot Fogger - fogmaster jr 5330 for the primary mold removal.

Then once the job is finished we'll set off aireze canisters. They work like 'mold odor control bombs' freshening the areas where we've just finished remediation.

So much of our perception is what we smell that this final step in the mold remediation process is just as important as killing the mold.

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