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Black mold removal products

1. Mold CleanUp

After drying the affected area, Clean the surface mold with Moldstat Mold Removal Products.

Multi-surface MoldSTAT Peroxy Kling mold cleaner removes surface mold stains while leaving a clean fresh scent.

2. Mold Killer

Kill mold with MoldSTAT Plus mold killer a concentrated EPA certified mold killer, fungicide, disinfectant and sanitizer.

MoldSTAT Plus kills black mold (aspergillus niger as well as other molds), mildew, lichen, fungus and algae.
Ideal for black mold removal

3. Mold Prevention

Prevent future mold and mildew with:

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MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer MoldSTAT Barrier - One Step Mold Removal Spray
MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer | Makes 21 gallons
Cleaner Today: $44.99
Mold Killer Savings: $28.75
MoldSTAT Barrier - Clean, Eliminate and Prevent Mold
Cleaner Today: $24.99
Mold Prevention Sale: $14.65
12 or more: $10.99 (25% Off)
MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer
EPA registered Mold Killing solution
Non Bleach mold remover
Makes 21 gallons
Mold Removal and Prevention
EPA registered Mold Killer
Cleans & Kills Mold and Mildew
Prevents regrowth of mold
Mold Cleaning Hydrogen Peroxide MoldSTAT Aireze Fogger
MoldSTAT PerOxy Kling
Cleaner Today: $13.99
Mold Cleaner Savings: $11.75
Buy 12 & up:$8.81 (25% off)
Mold Fogger Aireze - Mold Odor Remover
Cleaner Today: $12.87
Mold Cleaner Sale: $8.70
10 or more: $6.96
Mold Cleaner PerOxy Kling
Multi-surface mold & mildew cleaner
powered by Hydrogen Peroxide
Clings to vertical surfaces longer
Neutralizes Mold Odors
mold smell removal
Encapsulates Odors
4 Bottles MoldSTAT Barrier (1 sprayer) Mold Killer - 42 Gallons
MoldSTAT Barrier Gallon - Mold Removal Spray
Cleaner Today: $108.91
Mold Prevention Sale: $49.85
Free Delivery Included
Mold Killer Quart - Makes 42 Gallons
Cleaner Today: $58.95
Mold Killer Sale: $35.45
Mold Removal and Prevention
4 quarts / 1 Gallon
EPA registered mold remediation
Clean, Kill & control Mold and Mildew
Prevents regrowth of mold
Mold Remover & Cleaner
Concentrate Mold Cleaner yields 42 gallons
EPA registered mold fungicide and mildew cleaner
Black Mold Removal Kit Mold Prevention Kit
Mold Removal - Big Job (55% Off)
Cleaner Today: $169.39
Mold Removal Savings: $75.55
Free Delivery Included
Mold Prevention Kit (45% Off)
Cleaner Today: $104.67
Mold Prevention Sale: $53.65
Free Delivery Included
Home Mold Removal
Moldstat Peroxy Kling - Mold cleaner
MoldSTAT Plus - Mold Killing Spray
2 MoldSTAT Barrier - Mold Prevention Spray
4 Aireze Mold Odor Control
Mold Remediation & Prevention Kit
Clean and Kill Mold - MoldSTAT Plus
MoldSTAT Barrier - Mold prevention spray
2 Aireze - Airborne Mold Odor Remover
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Moldstat the certified mold remediation cleaning products.

Looking fort a low cost way to remove mold?

Choose effective Moldstat Mold Killer for Do it yourself (DIY) Mold Removal. MoldSTAT Plus Coverage: 3/4 oz of concentrate makes 1 Gallon of full strength mold removal solution enough to treat 100 sq ft. Making MoldSTAT Plus economical enough to use for both preliminary mold cleaning and final mold killing.

MoldSTAT Plus : One Mold Removal Product with two functions: Mold Cleaner and Mold Control

MoldSTAT Plus can be used in TWO steps of a mold removal project.
First use MoldSTAT Plus as a mold remover and cleaner to wipe away gross surface green or black mold.
Second with the surface mold is removed, kill mold roots using the same MoldSTAT Plus to soak into the pores of the surface and penetrate deep to mold roots.

Mold STAT - mold killer products: plant friendly EPA registered

Many people ask us "does bleach kill mold?" and the answer might surprise you. Look for an EPA registration number on a bleach container. If you can't find it, then it isn't registered. Additionally the EPA advises against using bleach as a routine mold remover. Instead pick MoldSTAT Plus, a mold remover fungicide solution designed for removing mold (including green, white and black mold)

Mildew, Green and Black Mold Removal Products

Home Mold Removal Products that offer practical solutions for home mold spore removal.

Customer Reviews for Mold Remover Products

Read additional MoldSTAT product reviews at: Mold Removal Product Reviews

Finally a Mold Remover that works!

Black Mold Remover Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
My family lives on the gulf coast Alabama, and humidity is a way of life here. Unfortunately that means mold grows as fast as the kids do.
For years my husband used bleach to get rid of the mold, but it would just come right back. Our neighbor phil, told us that he used a mold remover product called MoldSTAT to kill the root of the mold spores.
Trusting Phil, we ordered MoldSTAT, and applied it, and the mold vanished. Its been 3 months and the mold hasn't returned!!
We love MoldSTAT, and all our neighbors are using it now.
Sarah & Family from Grand Bay, Alabama
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