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Using Roof Cleaners

How To Use a Roof Cleaner

Not sure what roof cleaner to use? Check out: Choosing a Roof Cleaner.

Roof Cleaner OX or Roof Cleaner QSE make Cleaning your Roof easy.
Just answer these questions:

  • What roof cleaning tools do I already own?
  • What part of the roof can you get to?
  • Can you access the roof, gutterline?
  • How close can you get when rinsing the roof? This greatly influences the speed and quality of your results.

Detailed Roof Cleaning Information

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Roof Armor Hose End Applicator/ Gilmour 390 gilmour 2 gallon pump sprayer
Roof Armor Hose End Applicator
Cleaner Today: $11.49
Winter Sale: $9.75
2 Gallon Pump Up Sprayer
Cleaner Today: $29.79
Winter Sale: $26.75
Roof Armor Hose Sprayer
Makes 20 Gallons (or 3000 sq ft of roof)
Mix Ratios compatible with Roof Armor
NOT for use with QSE or OX
2 Gallon Pump Sprayer
Translucent 2 gallon tank
Wide 2.25" EZ-FILL mouth
Fast pressuring 10" pump
16" rotating poly wand
Roof Mold Stain Prevention Roof Cleaning Applicator - Multi-Ratio
Roof Armor Mold Prevention
Cleaner Today: $49.79
Winter Sale: $28.75
PRO Roof Cleaning Applicator
Cleaner Today: $89.99
Winter Sale: $74.75
Free Delivery Included
Annual Roof Mold Prevention
Prevents Roof Mold & Algae Stains.
Apply with Hose End Sprayer
No Rinse required
Pro Roof Cleaning Equipment
25 foot stream
Adjustable Quick-set Dial
Mixing 'off' setting for rinsing
Use with OX, QSE, Armor, or MoldStat Plus