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Moth Trap Review

Blown Away By Moth Traps

Pantry Moth traps Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
I was thinking... "I doubt these will work but I'll give them a try anyway."
I had been spraying moths for about 2 months and every time I thought I was making headway, within days they'd be back in droves. Couldn't find their nests, and it seemed hopeless, because I couldn't be awake 24/7 to spray, and it only takes one "mating" to breed a whole new bunch.

I was blown away by how FAST the pantry moth traps worked!!!
I made up two of the traps to start, and laid one out.
As I was walking away, I looked down at the second trap in my hand and there was a moth on the trap trying to get into it.
I went back to look at the first trap and.... Darn if there wasn't a moth in there too already!
I was literally in awe. One minute, and working already!
Best thing.. The traps work 24/7

P.S. I used the Priority Postal option and the product was in my mailbox the second day after I ordered them.
Great service too!

Arthur B from New Bedford, Mass

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Pantry Moth Traps Pantry Moth Traps (2 trap pak) - Shipping Included

Safe and Effective Moth traps
Always non-toxic, natural pheromone lure.
Use to kill pantry moths.
2 complete moth traps.
Pantry Moth Traps - Catchmaster Quailty

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Seasonal Sale : $7.70
Able Catch Pantry Moth Traps 12 Pantry Moth Traps - Shipping Included

Green, Natural Moth traps
Safe for Pets and Family, natural pheromone lure.
12 Green moth traps.
Able Catch Pantry Pest Moth Traps

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Seasonal Sale : $26.85
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Catchmaster Pantry Pest Traps Pantry Pest Traps (2 moth traps by Catchmaster)

Pantry Pest Traps
Safer than pesticides, non-toxic
Targets Flour and Grain moths
Contains 2 complete traps.

Retail Store : $8.98
Seasonal Sale : $5.85
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Pantry Moth trap Moth Trap Special - 8 Moth Traps

Moth Traps on Sale
Safer, Effective, non-toxic.
Moth traps eliminate the pantry pest flour moth, indian meal moth and other pantry moths.
8 pantry moth traps.

Retail Store: $35.92
Seasonal Sale : $19.85
45% Off Retail