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Black Mold Removal Kit
Big Job - Mold Removal Products
Mold Remediation Large Job Kit
DIY Black Mold Removal
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MoldSTAT Black Mold Removal Product Kit

Big Job Mold Removal Kit

Everything you need to cleanup and Kill Mold in 10 minutes FLAT:

  • Peroxy Mold Cleaner
  • MoldSTAT mold cleaner & Killer
  • 2 Quarts - Barrier Mold Cleaner, Killer & Prevention
  • 4 cans of MoldSTAT Aireze mold fogger - to get rid of the mold smell.

MoldSTAT Home Mold Removal Kit Contents:

MoldSTAT Peroxy Kling mold cleaner

  • Home Mold Removal Kit includes
  • 32 oz All Purpose Hydrogen Peroxide Mold Cleaner
  • Mold Cleaner and General Degreaser
  • Use for first step of mold removal : removing gross filth and surface mold
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Oxygen Powered Peroxide Mold Cleaner

MoldSTAT Plus - No-Bleach Mold Killer and Cleaner

  • Kit Includes 16oz - EPA Registered MoldSTAT Plus which makes 21 gallons
  • EPA Registered MoldSTAT Plus
  • No Chlorine bleach in MoldSTAT Plus
  • MoldSTAT Plus can be used both indoors & outdoors
  • Use for initial black mold cleanup and final kill of mold roots.
  • Broad spectrum Mold Removal Product for mildew, mold & bacteria

MoldSTAT Barrier Mold Prevention

  • EPA registered | mold killer and prevention spray
  • Prevents future mold
  • Dries Quickly on any surface
  • Ready To Use, no mixing required
  • No Chlorine Bleach, No acids or phosphates

Aireze - Mold Fogger & Odor Remover

Aireze mold fogger can neutralize mold odors. A perfect final step to get rid of the mold odors.
  • Mold Remover Kit includes 4 cans of Aireze!
  • Compact 3 oz spray canister
  • Covers 15' x 15' sized space
  • Remove and neutralize odors

Black Mold Big Job Customer Reviews

Flood Cleanup assistance with MoldSTAT products
4.95 out of 5 stars
We read on the EPA website that getting the flood water cleaned up fast would help control how much mold our basement would grow.
We picked the big job mold bundle and it arrived within days.
(it turns out that the company processes orders to FEMA disaster areas ahead of all other orders).

Cleaning the flood water with Moldstat gave us confidence that it was killing any black or green mold that may have started to grow.
The job was bigger than we thought so we ordered another gallon of the MoldSTAT Plus to share with our neighbors.

In the end, I think we saved not only money, but also important time in getting things back to normal. We appreciated having a solid effective product!

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