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Indian Meal Moth Traps (2 moth traps)
Indian Meal Moth Traps
Indian Meal Moth photos
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2 long lasting indian meal moth traps
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Indian meal moth or a pantry pest?

Get rid of Indian Meal Moths

Use Indian Meal Moth Traps in your home to keep your food and bird seed safe and healthy.
An indian meal moth (or any other type of pantry moth) will lay eggs, that will grown into moth larvae / worms that form pupa (cocoon webbing) wedged into pantry cupboard crevices.

Catchmaster Moth Pheromone Traps attract the male moth. By trapping the male moth, mating is prevented and break the moth infestation cycle can be broken. Indian Meal Moth Trap

Indian Meal moth traps are effective

Use Indian Meal Moth Traps on most pantry pest moths found in the home, pantry or kitchen.
Also known as Pantry Moth Traps, Meal Moth Traps, Flour Moth Traps, grain moth traps or bird seed moth traps.

Each package contains 2 Indian Meal Moth Traps, 2 lures and instructions.
Proudly Made in New York City, USA.

Package of 2 indian meal moth traps

  • Get rid of a pantry pest moth that contaminates your pantry food or garage birdseed
  • Indian Meal Moth Pheromone Traps feature a safer chemical grade lure which emits female pheromones to attract the male moths
  • Moth trap Pheromone lure attractant works on the flour bugs, indian meal moth, birdseed moth and most other grain moths
  • Effectively kills mediterranean flour moths, meal moths and others without dangerous poisons
  • Both indianmeal moth traps work up to three months under normal conditions
  • Indian meal larvae emerge from the pupa as adult meal moths to be drawn in and trapped by the scent of the pheromone trap
  • Disposable Moth traps are an effective way to get rid of indian-meal moths (IMM)
  • Safe around food products, family and pets!
Pantry Moths

Indian Meal Moths Traps Prevent Food Loss

The little brown indian meal moth will infest dry foods like pasta, flour, grain, oatmeal, birdseed, cereal boxes, cornstarch, pancake mix, corn meal, corn starch, cake mix, rice, nuts, dried fruit, cat food, dog food, tea, herbs and spices. Moth larvae hatch from from the eggs laid by a female indianmeal moth in these stored food products and containers. Grain of rice sized dirty white 'worms' are actually IMM larvae. The moth larvae are solely responsible for eating your foods. Female moths lay they eggs in and near food sources so that the larvae can eat before spinning their webbed cocoons. Moth Larvae will feed for as little as 3 weeks up to 10 weeks before spinning a thin strand of webbing for their nap to become an adult.

Many times food imported from overseas already has moth larvae inside (such as the almond moth also known as the tropical warehouse moth).

Catchmaster Indian Meal Moth traps also get rid of food moths catch the food moth varieties including: cereal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, mill moths, almond moths, peanut moths or tobacco moths (which are all actually Plodia interpunctella ) Once the male meal moth enters an indian meal moth trap, it gets stuck and is unable to find a female moth to mate, preventing future moth infestations - Effective Moth Pest Control without poison.

How to get rid of Moths?

Get rid of moths using Indian Meal Moth Traps and keep your pantry moth free. Just place the an indian meal moth trap where the white little worms have been seen.
Moth traps are pesticide free, easy to use, and effectively break the indian meal moth life cycle.
Using Moth traps is safer than moth extermination using poisons from a pest control company!

What do you get?

  • Package contains 2 moth traps and 2 pheromone moth lures
  • Moth Traps have Individually wrapped pheromone moth trap lures
  • Indian Meal Moth Traps are a dark wood grain that blends in
  • Indian Meal Moth Trap Shelf life is 2 years
  • Moth Pheromone Traps will last for up to 3 months

Identify Indian Meal Moth Picture, More Moth Trap Photos

Indian Meal Moth Traps Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Indian Meal Moth Traps?
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Bad Cat Food, Fast Meal Moth Traps!
5 out of 5 stars
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order for moth traps today. I had noticed the moth population had started to dwindle the past few days (they must have been hiding) but within a minute of assembling one of the traps, there were at least 5 moths right near it. I put that one by my front door and put the other one in the kitchen. We went out for dinner and when we got back there were quite a few moths in the trap by the door and at least 1/3 filled for the one in the kitchen. I just assembled 2 more traps and before I did, not a moth to be seen, but again, within seconds they appeared!

I am just so thankful for your product and so amazed at how quickly they are working! I have had indian meal moths ever since I got a "bad" bag of cat food and they have driven us all crazy for months. I am going to tell everyone I know about your company!!

thanks again!

Indian Meal Moths don't stand a chance!
5.0 out of 5 stars
Indian Meal Moths in TrapHere is a trap filled with indian meal moths that I just opened up from my garage. This trap was filled like this in only 2 days….as you can see I really use there meal moth traps!!
James Campbell from Maryland
I am very, very pleased with the moth traps!
5.0 out of 5 stars
Not a question but a commendation. The Catchmaster Indian Meal moth traps lived up to your hype.
I am very, very pleased with the moth traps. I placed 2 in the kitchen & 2 in the bedroom....moved them around as needed, and the little meally moth suckers are virtually gone.
I still have 4 in reserve for the next hatch off if it occurs.
Great that some items live up to their hype....unlike the "take it to their nests" ant hype.
Tom S from Los Angeles, California
Moth traps Caught 20 Indian Meal Moths!
5.0 out of 5 stars
Received your moth traps yesterday. They sure are doing the job. One moth trap already nabbed over twenty or some victims.
Robert Thomas from Caldwell, New Jersey