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Moldstat Peroxy Soft Gel Cleanser
Mold Cream Cleaner - Hydrogen-Peroxide
General Mold Cleaner
Quart Size - Ready to Use
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Mold Cleaner Peroxy Soft removes caked on mold

Hydrogen peroxide powered mold cleaner in a convenient cream base.

Extra Gentle Cream Mold Cleanser

Ideal for Tub and Tile, bathrooms, showers and kitchens, the Peroxy Soft (peroxide powered cleaner) uses hydrogen peroxide to do the work. Cleaning through black mold, green mold, and even just common house hold dirt, grime and scum.

Powerful Peroxide Mold Cleaner Contains:

Eco Safe Mold Cleaner
  • Mold Bacteria Killing Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Brightens As It Cleans and kills mold!
  • Environmentally Safe Peroxide Mold Cleanser
  • Mold Cleaner Exceeds green seal and DFE standards.

Safe Mold Cleaner for home, powerful enough for industrial use!

MoldSTAT Peroxy soft formulation soaks mold with powerful hydrogen peroxide cleaning power.
Kills and cleans mold at Home, School, Institutions, Industry, and Nursing Homes.

32 oz mold cleanser - Ready To Use

Mold Cleaning Hydrogen Peroxide

MOLD STAT Peroxy Soft is a liquid cream mold cleanser containing a highly fortified, mold and bacteria killing, hydrogen peroxide formulation.

Fast Acting Mold Cleaner

MOLD STAT Peroxy Soft quickly removes soap scum, stains, grease, oxidation, hard water deposits, and everyday grime and bacteria from a variety of surfaces while brightening with a color safe bleaching action and eliminating associated mold odors. This eliminates the food sources for bacteria and mold.

Effective mold cleaning with a tracer dye

MOLD STAT Peroxy Soft contains a light blue tracer dye color so you can easily identify where the cleaner has been applied (the color washes away). Mold Cleanser Peroxy Soft also contains gentle abrasives for fast mold cleaning without the fear of scratching.

Kill Mold Roots

Treatment with Moldstat Plus (a registered biocide and mildewcide) is suggested for deep penetration and kill of the mold roots, slowing the regrowth of mold or mildew.

Mold Cleaner Peroxy Soft Recommended Surfaces

Chrome and stainless steel, appliance enamel, ceramic tiles, porcelain, and Formica countertops.
Fiberglass (use light pressure only!)

Easy to use Mold Cleaner

  • Apply a small amount Mold Cleaner to:
    • a damp sponge or cloth
    • directly onto the surface to be cleaned
  • Mold Cleaner Cream only requires Gentle rubbing
  • Rinse with clean water and allow to air dry or wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Close easy open spout after use