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Mold Killer MoldSTAT Step 2 - 1 Gallon
Mold Cleaning - Mold Cleaner
Kill Mold & Mildew
Contractor Size
Great Value
Mold Killer and Cleaner

Concentrated: Makes 168 Gallons
Only 80 cents / Gallon

Cleaner Today: $158.00
Seasonal Sale : $134.80
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MoldSTAT Plus STEP 2 | Mold Killer

Effectively Kill and Eliminate both mold and mildew

Designed for the Mold Remediation Professional, MoldSTAT mold killer / cleaner concentrate can be used from a bucket, or applied with a sprayer or mold fogger.

This Gallon of MoldSTAT is highly effective for water damage, sewer backup and flood mold mitigation and removal.

First pass use as a mold cleaner to wipe away surface mold.

Final Application penetrates into the roots of the mold, eliminating mold at the root.

Cost Effective Mold Killing Spray Concentrate

Highly cost effective - 4 x 32 oz (1 gallon total) MoldSTAT Mold Cleaner yields over 168 gallons of mold killing spray solution.
59 cents per Gallon of Mold Cleaner (less than Bleach)
Does not contain Sodium Hypochlorite ( Bleach ) or dangerous Phenols

Mold Killer MoldSTAT PLUS STEP 2 Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Mold Killer / Cleaner MoldSTAT-Plus?
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Flood Victims find a great product and value!

Contractor Mold Remover Product Review
4.9 out of 5 stars
We were one of the thousands of flood victims in Lake County Ohio and used your mold removal products for the clean up. It worked great! Every penny helps with the recovery. Thanks again! We also recommended your mold removers to one of our neighbors who also had flooding in their basement.
Loraine M from Lake County, Ohio