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Fogmaster Jr - mold removal fogger
Fogmaster mold fogger
Mold Fogger
Fogmaster Junior - model 5330
  • Handheld electric fogger
  • Corrosion resistant design

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Fogmaster mold removal Fogger

Mold Cleaning Equipment for fogging a mold killing solution, or cleaners.

Mold Removal with a fogger is faster!

Mold Removal using the Fogmaster JR is Fast and Simple!
Mold cleaning jobs with a pump up sprayer would take too much effort constantly pumping, but mold removal using fogger / mister can save time and effort by filing the tank and aiming the fog! Think of it as a point-and-shoot spray gun for mold killing solutions.

MoldSTAT mold cleaner and killer can be applied using a Cold Fogger / Mister such as the Fogmaster Jr (Fogmaster Fogger machine model 5330) with 1 quart jar
Unlike a thermal fogger (which could alter MoldSTAT plus mold killer chemicals) the mold fogger Fogmaster 5330 ensures MoldSTAT plus mold cleaner retains its effective mold killer properties.

The Full Quart capacity tank of the indoor / outdoor Fogmaster fogging machine is ideally sized for do-it-yourself (DIY) home and business mold fogging remediation applications. (also effective as a mildew fogger)

Versatile Fogger - Mold Cleaning Equipment

  • Fogmaster JR mold fogger quickly fogs an attic, crawl space, basement, laundry room, bathroom or daycare center using any foggable cleaner or Mold STAT plus mold cleaner
  • Mold Removal DIY by fogging a mold killer into tight indoor spaces like an attic, crawl space, basement or cellar is easy with the Fogmaster Jr 5330
  • Fogmaster JR is a highly effective Cold Air Fogger with an adjustable counter-rotating rotary valve that can produce an adjustable droplet output size between 20-30 microns, from a fine light mist (like a perfume atomizer) to a coarse mist.
  • Just fill the Fogmaster JR 5330's 1 Quart / 32oz container and adjust the droplet size from fine light mist through a coarse mist suitable for a full range of mold and mildew fogger jobs.
  • Mist projection (throw distance) can range from 12 inches - 36 inches depending on droplet size.

Mold Cleaning Equipment : Fogmaster Jr fogger

Best Mold Removal fogger for DIY and Professional Use

Who uses Fogmaster 5330 cold Foggers?

This versatile do-it-yourself mold and mildew fogger can be used in an attic, basement, crawlspace or commercial locations like a nail salon, church, motel room, auto rental, or any place that odor control is needed.

What products can be used in the Fogmaster 5330 Fogger?

This Cold fogging machine can be used with any water or oil based chemical that is intended for cold fogging. (Not compatible with MoldSTAT Coating and Encapsulator)

Versatile indoor / outdoor Fogmaster 5330 Fogger

Use the Fogmaster Jr. 5330 for mold and mildew removal by applying a fine mist of mold killer solutions, mildew odor deodorants and other compatible water based solutions.

Fogmaster JR 5330 Mold fogger Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Fogmaster JR 5330 Mold fogger?
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Fogmaster Jr made the job easy!
4.75 out of 5 stars
After a sump pump stopped working, mold was taking over my basement. The price quote from the mold remediation guy made my heart skip so I looked for a cheaper alternative.
After days of research I picked the Fogmaster mold fogger and MoldSTAT PLUS to solve the problem.

The fogger is used like a paint sprayer (you spray the mold killer onto the mold) but uses a super fine mist that really soaks the surfaces, because it is electric, you just plug it in, point and spray. No sore shoulder from pumping a hand sprayer

Both the Mold Killer and Fogger worked better than I expected, and I saved thousands by by doing the project on my own.

Using the Fogmaster 5330 - Mold and Mildew Fogger instructions

  1. Remove the Fogmaster power head by twisting and detaching from the quart size fogger translucent tank
  2. Fill the Fogmaster tank with one quart of water, add MoldSTAT plus Mold Killer concentrate
  3. Twist the fogger power head back on, shake and you're ready to 'point and shoot' the fine mist.
  4. Turn on fogmaster fogger power (switch is located on the handle )
  5. Fine tune the fogger droplet size, from a fine to a coarse mist, using the rotary valve
  6. Runtime will be up to vary based on the droplet size from 0-4 oz/min

Fogmaster Jr 5330 - Return Policy

All fogmasters are guaranteed to be new, direct from the Fogmaster factory and free of defects.
Unopened, factory sealed box: If the factory tape is not broken - return for refund less the 15% restocking fee.
Open box : All open boxes are shipped to the manufacturer for evaluation if the fogger is:

Defective - a 100% refund will be issued.
NOT Defective - refund less $50 'USED UNIT' return & our actual shipping costs.
This policy exists to discourage purchasing the fogger for a single use, then claiming a defective unit to get a refund.
While this practice is uncommon, we regret that it happens often enough to require this policy.

Typical uses of Fogmaster Jr 5330 mold remediation fogger equipment

  • Mold and Mildew Removal mold from wood studs
  • Mold removal in tight crawl spaces
  • Sanitizers - for health and odor control
  • plain water - mist plants and delicate flowers
  • pesticides - Flying insects, crawling insects
  • odor control deodorants - mold smell in homes, basements, hotel room
  • aroma therapy