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Mold Killer Kit (33% Off)
Mold KIller Kit - MoldSTAT Step #1, Plus & Aireze
Mold Removal Kit
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Effective Mold Killer Kit
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Mold Killer Kit - Remove Mold Fast!

MoldSTAT Mold Removal Kit - All in one and free shipping!

  • MoldSTAT Step #1 Cleaner : 16oz, Makes 32 OZ , Mold Cleaner for vertical surfaces
  • MoldSTAT Aireze fogger : 2 cans - removes the smell of airborne mold
  • MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer : 16oz, makes 21 Gallons, with built-in measurer

Effective, easy to use mold remediation products:
Choose MoldSTAT Mold Removal products to solve your mold problems

Mold Removal Kit features MoldSTAT products:

Initial Mold Cleanup with MoldSTAT Step #1 mold cleaner

  • Removes heavy mold filth and surface mold spores (including black mold)
  • Oxygen Powered Peroxide Mold Cleaner and General Degreaser
  • Environmentally Safe, fast acting

Mold Killer and Cleaner : MoldSTAT Plus

  • Use for initial mold cleanup, accumulated mold remover
  • When surface appears mold spore free (wipe with white paper towel and check for visible mold coloration), then soak the mold spore roots with a final application to penetrate deep into mold roots.
  • EPA Registered Mold Killer MoldSTAT Plus concentrate makes 21 gallons of mold killing spray
  • use indoors and outside
  • MoldSTAT Plus does not contain any chlorine bleach.
  • Effective Fungicide, Mildewstat and virucide

Aireze Airborne Mold Odor Removal Fogger / Cleaner

Neutralize mold odors with Aireze mold fogger. Refreshes your project area by removing dank, old mold smells
  • You get 2 cans of Aireze!
  • Compact 3 oz Aireze mold spray canister, can be locked in spray position like a 'bug bomb'
  • Covers 15' x 15' sized space
  • Once Mold Cleaning and Elimination is complete, Aireze Mold Odor Removal removes the mold smell and neutralizes odors

Mold Killer Kit Customer Review

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Crawl Space Flooded again... Use MoldSTAT Plus again!
4.9 out of 5 stars

Memphis has always been home, and our home has a crawl space that floods during heavy rains. For years we used another brand's mold control product and it took 3 or 4 cleanings to get rid of the mold smell. By this time we'd spent a fortune on gallons of the stuff, so much for savings...

We looked for a professional strength mold killer, that was safe enough to be used when we have kids and pets upstairs. Turns out that MoldSTAT Plus is EPA registered and super concentrated. It's easy to use, and a single Mold Killer kit lasts us an entire summer... Less money, faster results... why didn't we find it sooner!

The rains still come, the crawl space still floods, but MoldSTAT plus has helped us get back to normal for the last 3 years. And that earns our business.. AND it's American made!!