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Cleaner Today is an advocate of neighborhoods because:
Cleaner Neighborhoods produce a brighter future...

Supporting This goal we offer the

Neighborhood Service Program...

The neighborhood service program builds on the neighborhood advocate, by providing a business to a member of the neighborhood to apply the Cleaner Today Products. Many neighbors may want to participate, but don't have the time, or aren't able to clean their home.


--Not all neighbors are able to clean on their own --All homes being clean raises community pride


.. In conjunction with the Neighborhood Sponsor Program, you offer the service of cleaning your neighbor's Home (Roof, Deck , Fence) .. The neighbor orders the Products from Cleaner today (10% goes toward the neighborhood) .. When the product arrive, they contact the Neighborhood Service .. The neighbor can make a Donation for your Service directly, or through CleanerTODAY.com .. If the service team, wants to collect via credit card or paypal, Cleaner Today will allow the ordering of the service via the neighborhood website, AND will donate 10% of the service to the neighborhood (5% held for credit card processing), the remaining 85% will be sent by check to the Neighborhood Service .. The neighborhood Service will always be able to log on and see account information.

How does that add up??

The Neighborhood Service Team makes money themselves through charging for the service.
Typical charges for the service for a Roof Cleaning* (depends on pitch of roof), and for Deck Cleaning are $8 / 100sq ft.

For an average home
2500 sq ft = 25 'squares' roof = $200 (takes 3 hours)
400 sq ft deck = 4 squares = $40 (takes 1 hour)

for 58 homes in the neighborhood $240 * 58 = $13,920 for the service team.
The Neighborhood Association receives = $1,392
Don't forget that the Neighborhood Service team also made $11,832 in 29 days.

If you are interested in Cleaner Today as a Contractor you can make between 40,000 and 50,000 a year, and have Thanksgiving through Winter as vacation!!