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Roof Cleaner: Full Coverage

Beware competitors quoting a range of coverage.
For example 500-1000 sq ft.
Does the product work the same at 500 sq ft as 1000 sq ft?
What is the strength of the product at 500? or 1000?
If 500 sq ft is the full strength coverage....
then using the product to cover 1000 sq ft, makes it 1/2 as effective.
If 1000 sq ft is the full strength coverage...
then using the product for 500 sq ft, make it 100% too strong. So why do companies give a range of coverage?
Ranges makes the prices SEEM lower.
When you see a range, always pick the lowest coverage as the real coverage. When you pick the higher coverage, the product will only work 1/2 as well.

Liquids Roof Cleaners also play games...

Always look at the number of gallons the diluted product makes.
Some products claim that 1 gallon covers 500sq ft of roof. You try it spreading a gallon that thin! On a good day 1 gallon covers 250sq ft. 1/2 of their claim. (Cleaner Today calculates 1 gallon = 187 sq ft coverage, that way you have plenty of cleaner, they claim you can spread 1 gallon over 3 times as much space)

Cleaner Today's only quotes a single coverage, at FULL STRENGTH.

For example: Roof Cleaner QSE 3000. FULL COVERAGE is 3000 sq ft.
This means, Roof Cleaner QSE 3000 was designed for 3000sq ft.
Roof Cleaner QSE 3000 when mixed with water makes 16 gallons of full strength Cleaner.

Competition would try to sell this as 3000-4500 sq ft, or Claim that 5 gallons covers 2500-3000 square feet.
We just think that is a bit misleading.

Cleaner Today Quotes FULL COVERAGE to make it easier for you!

So look at the details. You'll save in the end.
(For information on calculating your roof size: Roof Area Calculator)