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Roof Cleaner Packaging

Consumers Asked for Easier Handling...

New Roof Cleaner EZ-Pouch packaging!

Focus groups investigated consumer's concerns about the handling of roof cleaning products. 
The top three concerns were:
  1. Confusion about measuring products (especially liquids)
  2. Concern about handling a concentrated cleaner
  3. Worries about what to do with left over products. 
In response Cleaner TODAY has created the EZ-Pouch.  
Each EZ-pouch is premeasured to 1 pound, just add to water. 
EZ pouch does not need to be measured, or mixed with other soaps*, open the pouch, pour into water, discard empty pouch. 
Focus group feedback on cleaning products:
Consumer Concern Solved by EZ-Pouch Solution
Measuring Is confusing Each 1 pound EZ-Pouch is premeasured, Just add to Water!
What if I spill the Liquid Cleaners 1 EZ-pouch is a concentrated powder, add entire pak to water
How do I store left over cleaner Each EZ-pouch is premeasured, any left over pouches are still sealed
Afraid to mix with other products Roof Cleaner QSE is complete, no need to add liquid soap2
How do I clean a kitchen measuring cup No need to use your kitchen measuring cup, EZ-pouch is premeasured
Fear to touch concentrated product You never touch the product, or risk a spill with premeasured EZ-pouch
Shipping costs are too high on Liquids EZ-pouch is a concentracted powder, you don't pay to ship water3!
Leftover product is not as effective EZ-pouch extras are still sealed in the manufacturer package, ready to use!
1. Consumers feared spilling liquids (like bleach)
2. Other products require common dish washing soap to be added.  Which soap? How much? 
3. Water weighs 7.8lbs per gallon, adding to shipping costs
4. 1 QSE EZ-pouch makes 4 gallons, 2 OX EZ-pouches make 4 gallons of roof cleaner both cover
750 sq ft.