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60 Catchmaster Spider Traps via Priority Mail
Universal Spider Trap
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60 Traps and Priority Shipping!

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How to get rid of Spiders

Catchmaster Spider Traps in Action

No spider pesticides, just safe, non-toxic & effective spider traps.

Spider infestations are difficult to eliminate; however, research at the University of Kansas has shown that "effective population management is possible" using Catchmaster spider traps. Brown Recluse spiders will run into glue traps for cover when they sense danger is present.

Spider glue traps work by trapping the spider by even a single leg in the super sticky glue of the spider trap. Whether tracking common spiders, or the dangerous Brown Recluse Spider traps are useful to identify the spiders you catch. Use of brown recluse spider traps will improve home safety by better spider recognition and avoidance of venomous spiders.

Spider glue traps can get rid of spiders in places where it may not be safe to spray poison pesticides such as inside food cabinets, or office environments.

Catchmaster Spider Traps can be hidden upside down.

Glue Spider Traps Benefit Summary:

  • Glue traps stop spiders without poison or toxic sprays.
  • Spider traps are small and fit discretely in your home.
  • Super Sticky Spider glue traps catch spiders by a single leg.
  • Food Grade bait draws the spider into sticky glue traps
  • Traps the common house spider, Hobo spider, Wolf spider, Brown Recluse, Parson spider, Sac spider and more.

Green Spider Traps Also available

Spiders making you see red? Stop, choose our green traps direct spider traps. Same catchmaster quality, in a green house friendly skin. Green Spider Traps by Traps Direct

You can stop spider infestations in your home

"do traps work for brown recluse spiders"? -- Yes!
Spiders cause problems for homeowners by actively hunting for insect prey. These spider searching abilities are used to find food and spider speed is used to catch insects. Unfortunately, these spider habits can be irritating and annoying in our homes, you can get rid of brown recluse spiders with brown recluse spider traps.

Spider traps that are Safe, Effective and Non-Toxic

Some brown recluse spiders can also be aggressive and inflict toxic, painful and slow-healing bites. Brown Recluse Spider Traps imitate an effective hiding space for spiders. Placing sticky spider traps beside baseboards will catch spiders running along edges of walls while searching for insects and mates.

Long term use of Brown Recluse Spider Traps will reduce troubling infestations without the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides. Catchmaster Spider Traps can be hidden upside down.

How do I use a Spider trap?

  • Spider Traps can be assembled as square or triangle depending upon placement.
  • An adhesive strip under the spider trap allows placement against walls, or upside down if needed
  • You can dispose of used spider traps with regular garbage.

Spider traps Packaging:

  • 60 complete spider traps ( 20 sheets of 3 Catchmaster Spider traps )
  • A Spider trap will last 2 years if kept cool and dry
  • Once protective wax paper is removed a spider trap can last 3 months

What is included with our Brown Recluse Spider Control Traps?

  • 60 complete spider traps
  • Detailed instructions for using Spider Traps
  • Free Spider Trap coupon for discounts on future orders

Additional Spider Control Information

Find out more about effective Spider Control in our Spider Trap Guide

Spider Traps Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Spider Traps?
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No More Spiders under my desk!
5 out of 5 stars
House Spider Trap Fed up with house spiders, I bought these traps to put under my desk.

As you can see, they stopped several spiders from startling me.

Great job!

Spider Traps used in the desert!
5.0 out of 5 stars
These spider traps work great!
I have been sending them to my sister who is serving Afghanistan.
She appreciates how effective they are.
Harold James from Nevada