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Spider Trap - 12 spider traps
Spider Glue Trap
A Spider trap that works!
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Brown Recluse Spider Traped

Spider Glue Trap by Catchmaster

Effective Spider Trap that works safely!

  • Catchmaster Spider Glue trap can stop many spiders without dangerous sprays.
  • Effective Spider control for the household, wolf, hobo and brown recluse spider
  • No dangerous sprays that can create VOCs
  • Spider Trap Sticky Glue is strong enough to hold spiders by a single leg.
  • Spider trap bait has attractants - peanut butter, molasses and classified scents. Non Toxic Sticky Glue Spider Trap
  • The ultra small spider trap fits anywhere in your home with discretion.
    No need to draw attention to your spider problems!

Catchmaster spider glue trap can last up to 3 months or until full! Or choose 18 Spider Traps Direct 288i Same trap, Green home friendly design.

Traps stop bad Spider habits!

Catchmaster Spider Traps from a laudry room

A spider can cause problems for homeowners while hunting for food. Unfortunately, spider natural feeding habits can be irritating and annoying in homes. Some of spider species can also be aggressive and inflict toxic, painful and slow-healing bites.

A Spider Trap will trick spiders into a false hiding space. Placing a sticky glue spider trap along walls or under furniture, even to the underside of cabinets and chairs can catch the spider as it runs around the room. Preventive use of Spider Traps reduces troubling spider infestations safely with our safe and sticky glue instead of dangerous poisons or harsh chemicals.

Easy to use Spider Trap

Catchmaster Spider Traps can be hidden upside down.
  • 2 year shelf life for spider trap sticky glue
  • Flexible assembly of spider Trap into square or triangle
  • Long Life Super Sticky Glue
  • Adhesive strip allows upside down placement of spider traps
  • Safe disposal of used spider traps in household garbage

What comes in the Spider Trap 12 pack

  • 12 complete spider traps (4 Sheets each containing 3 traps)
  • Detailed instructions for Spider Trap use
  • Spider Trap discount reorder coupon

Additional Spider Control Information

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Spider Glue Traps Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about the Sticky Glue Spider Trap?
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Finally a safe spider trap that works

Safe Spider Traps Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
I've been dealing with spiders for years and could never find a product that would totally get rid of them. I would always get frustrated because I like to entertain people at my home, but I couldn't do it as much because the spiders or other crawlers would walk across the floors and I would feel embarrassed. So finally, I decided that I had to do something about it. I started looking online and came across the Catchmaster Brown Recluse Spider Trap. I liked what it said it could do, so I ordered. I'm glad to say that this product is a Godsend. It not only did it work, it exceeded my expectations!
Lauren Baker from Baton Rouge, LA