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Spider Trap - 24 spider traps
Sticky Spider traps
Spider trap results!
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Quality Catchmaster Spider Traps

Spider traps are Natural, Pesticide Free, Fresh and Effective

Catchmaster Spider Traps can be hidden upside down.

Spider Control using Catchmaster Spider traps stops spiders without poison or pesticides . Safely trap common house spiders, the notorious brown recluse spiders and other spiders and crawling insects too!
Glue based scientific bait attractant has NO dangerous poison pesticides sprays.

50 Years of Spider Control with Quality Spider Traps

Homeowners and professionals have used the proven effective sticky glue spider bait trap has been used since 1954 for spider pest control with flexible spider trap placement.

Spider trap uses scientific attractant bait in ultra small spider traps to fit anywhere in your home with discretion.
(We know you don't want to draw attention to the your spider problem!)

Spider Trap benefits

Catchmaster Spider Traps caught spiders behind a dresser
  • Effective and safe homeowner solution for spider problems
  • Small format spider trap allows for more traps to be placed
  • Always fresh, we sell thousands of spider traps!

Spider trap Packaging:

  • 24 complete spider traps ( 8 sheets of 3 Spider traps )
  • Spider traps last 2 years ( keep cool and dry )
  • Once assembled spider traps can be effective up to 3 months

Additional Spider Pest Control Information

Find out more about effective spider infestation Spider Control in our Spider Trap Guide

Spider Traps Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Spider Traps? ( Read More Spider Pest Control Reviews including: Brown Recluse Spider Infestation )

Discrete and these spider traps work!
5 out of 5 stars
I bought these brown recluse traps for the office. Our office is attached to the warehouse, and we have had spiders / insects all over the place. Well these spider traps caught them! Anything that walked across the spider traps stayed in it. My co-workers didn't want to use sprays because we have to work inside the office, and several of us have allergies, so these spider traps were perfect because of the Non-poisonous, and No pesticide design.

We'll keep ordering these brown recluse traps, please keep them in stock!