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Spider Traps - 60 traps
spider traps
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Spider Traps That Work

Safe, non-toxic, effective. Catchmaster spider traps

Catchmaster Spider Traps from under a bed. The most effective Spider Traps on the market!

Trap spiders with out poisons

Super Sticky Spider Glue traps get rid of spiders in places where it may not be safe to spray pesticides such as inside food cabinets, or office environments.

Spiders documented to run into Spider Traps for safety

Brown Recluse spiders will run to the trap for cover when they sense danger is present, studies by the University of Kansas have shown.

Even though Brown Recluse spider infestations are thought to be impossible to prevent, Researchers from the University of Kansas have shown that "effective spider management is possible using Catchmaster glue spider traps".

Using more Spider Traps improves results

Don't be stingy. The more you use the better the results!

Spiders don't travel long distances (which why the spin webs and wait for food to come to them).

Place traps through out perimeter of home behind furniture, in closets, attics, basements, under sinks, behind toilets.

The Catchmaster Spider Trap Advantage:

  • Kill spiders without poisons or pesticides
  • No toxic sprays needed
  • Food Grade attractants draw spiders into sticky trap
  • Compact spider trap is easy to hide
  • Spider traps will last 3 months under normal conditions
Catchmaster Spider Traps from under a bed.

Spider Traps - Safe, Effective and Non-Toxic

A small number of spiders cause problems for homeowners by actively hunting for their prey. Spiders rely on their searching abilities to find food and their speed to catch insects.

Unfortunately, these spider habits can be irritating and annoying in our homes.

Because Some of spider species (brown recluse, black widow, hobo spider) can also be aggressive and inflict toxic, painful and slow-healing bites Spider traps are essential to keep you and your family safe.

How do spider traps work?

A Spider Trap looks to a spider like an effective hiding space. This and a food grade lure convince the spider to enter the trap, where the sticky glue keeps the spider from leaving.

Placing spider traps beside baseboards will catch spiders as they run along wall edges searching for insects and mates.

Long term use of Spider Traps reduces troubling spider infestations without NO poisons, sprays or other toxic chemicals. Catchmaster Spider Traps can be hidden upside down.

Spider Trap Benefits

  • Complete - 60 complete spider traps (20 Sheets of 3 Traps)
  • Effective - 3 months of use under normal conditions
  • Disposable - Dispose of old spider traps with regular garbage
  • Flexible - Spider Traps can be formed as square or triangle depending upon placement
  • Versatile - Adhesive backing optionally allows placement against walls, or upside down
  • Poison Free - Spider Traps contain No Dangerous Poisons

Additional Spider Control Information

Find out more about effective Spider Control in our Spider Trap Guide

Spider Traps Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Spider Traps?
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Our home.. Spider free!

Brown Recluse Spider Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
We just bought an older home and it was full of spiders. We found Catchmaster Spider Traps after looking at several other products. Most were full of chemicals.We prefer a non-toxic approach because of the children and our cats. The traps did a great job. I feel safer at night knowing that traps are on duty. I ordered some more for my parents. Thanks for a product that works!
Susan Warner from Bakersfield, CA

Discrete and these spider traps work!

Brown Recluse Trap Product Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
I bought these brown recluse traps for the office. Our office is attached to the warehouse, and we have had spiders / insects all over the place. Well these spider traps caught them! Anything that walked across the spider traps stayed in it. My co-workers didn't want to use sprays because we have to work inside the office, and several of us have allergies, so these spider traps were perfect because of the Non-poisonous, and No pesticide design.

We'll keep ordering these brown recluse traps, please keep them in stock!

Wilma S from Greenville SC