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Wing Tabs - Hook

Moths fly, so should Pantry Moth Traps!

Along side the Moth Trap-ezoid Shape and Zero Waste Packaging, Tab Wings incorporate superior Trap Placement.

Tab Wings can be placed using a tuck, hook or loop.

Here we explore the Tab Wing Hook system.

When it comes to Moth Control, Trap Placement does matter. So Able Catch Pantry Pest Traps is designed with Tab Wings that enable the Moth Traps to be placed in locations no other moth traps can manage.... Without adhesives, or Paper Clips or twine....

How? Deploying the Tab Wings as a hook.

Tab Wings - Slim Hook and Deep Hook

Tab Wings are only deployed once the trap has been assembled. or

Slim Hook - Wing Tab

The green outer edge of the tabs can be separated from the body of the tab.

  1. Pop the two ticks that hold the points in place on each side
  2. Fold both Tab Wing back at the top of the arc (indicated by the darker shade). There is wide tick at the to help with folding
  3. Hook the two wings onto any edges or wires up to 1/2" thick.

Deep Hook - Wing Tab

Deep hook allow traps to attach to edges, picture frames, plates etc that are up to 1.25" thick.

  1. Pop the two ticks that hold the points in place on each side
  2. Pop the wide tick at the top of the Tab Wing
  3. Bend the tab wing back at the base of the neck (deep point )
  4. Hook the two wings onto any edges or wires up to 1.25" thick.

Bring the Traps to the Moths

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Moth Trap Wing Tabs - Tuck, Hook or Loop into many locations other traps can't reach.

Traps Direct calls it "Moth Traps .... Elevated"

Moth Trap Reviews

4.65 out of 5 stars
Hidden from company, sneak attach on moths.
I am 'bugged' by moths flying near the living room lamps. I used to try to hide traps behind the foot of the lamp, but it was never really out of sight. The tab hooks have worked out very well. After dropping the lure and pushing the tab through, I fold the blue tab arc back and use the hooks to hang the trap from the lamp shade..

Not sure if it is the lure or location, but I capture more moths now that ever.