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Wing Tabs - Loop

Here we explore the Tab Wing Loop system.

Not all surfaces can be tucked into, or Hooked onto.
Dual Hooks, help the trap balanced, but what can be done when there is a single point to be wrapped around? LOOP IT !

Tab Wings - Slim Hook and Deep Hook

Stack Loop

Fold the tab wings, into Deep Hook position then fold both sides up and stack blue to green. This creates a balanced center loop, that can be wrapped around a single point such as a cupboard door pull.

Clasp Loop

Fold tab wings into Deep Hook position (releasing both the tear bar at the dark to light transition. Wrap the deep hooks around then clasp the inner points to each other. The inner points 60 degree angle is designed to snag each side.

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Moth Trap Reviews

4.25 out of 5 stars
Pull Chain Moth Trap, good bye moths!
I keep wild bird seed in a root cellar, and first I bought the 'other guys' moth traps, but I kept smashing the traps when before I could turn on the light (old pull cord single bulb). Turns out their traps were made in china... not for me!

instead I found these traps and I was able to hang the trap onto the pull cord. It's easy to change out, and I don't step on the traps anymore. I've trapped alot more now that the trap is about 6 feet off the ground.. I guess the moths fly into it easier? I don't need to know why, because it just works.