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Wood OX 2000 Fence Cleaner / Deck Cleaner
Wood Cleaner OX
Eco-friendly Wood and Deck Cleaner
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Makes 10 Gallons of
Oxygen Bleach Wood Cleaner

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Wood Cleaner OX - for Fence and Decks

Oxygen Bleach Wood Fence Cleaner and Deck Cleaner

Wood Cleaner ox - The Eco Friendly, Green, Oxygen Bleach deck / fence cleaner - can also work on PVC decking, or Vinyl Fences.

Powerful penetrating oxygen bleach, surfactants and detergents carry the wood cleaner rapidly through stains and to penetrate deep into pores of fence and deck lumber to control the mold and its spores at their source.

Fast, Safe - The Green Fence and Deck Cleaner

Wood Cleaner OX instantly begins to work, and you can see the bubbles power through stains. When you wonder how to clean algae off wooden fence, think of Wood Deck Cleaner OX!

Wood deck and fences quickly begin to brighten and with little effort dirt and grime is removed.

  • Quick- Spray on , Wait 20 minutes, Rinse off
  • Simple- Cleaner Today EZ-pouch requires no measuring, no liquid to spill, all powder
  • Safe- Non-toxic Oxygen Bleach deck cleaner
    contains no chlorine bleach or hydroxides.
    Removes dirt, as well as Lichen, Fungus, Mold, Mildew, Algae stains

Easy to use & cost effective fence and deck cleaner

The pictures tell the story: Years of aging, reversed in 20 minutes

Wood Ox Gets Results Wood OX Deck and Fence Cleaner powered safely with oxygen bleach.
  • Spray cleaner onto dirty fences or decks
  • Wait 20 minutes
  • Rinse with jet stream on garden hose
  • Enjoy a like new fence!

Cleaning Powered by Oxygen

Wood OX Fence Cleaner / Deck Cleaner is Environmentally friendly.

  • Wood Cleaner OX is powered by a super concentrated oxygen bleach.
  • Safe for Plants, Pets and People!
  • Activated by water where it releases oxygen which provides cleaning and stain removal.
  • Color safe, Wood safe, user safe, environmentally safe, and it is an excellent deodorizer.
  • Fence and Deck Wood Cleaner OX attacks and breaks down organic stains to totally remove them from the surface.

Fence and Deck Cleaning with Oxygen Bleach

  • Wood OX Fence Cleaner / Deck Cleaner uses eco friendly and non-toxic oxygen bleach
  • Performs in hard or soft water
  • Oxygen Bleach is Environmentally safe
  • No harmful by-products upon decomposition
  • Can also be used as a dock cleaner
** Badly stained wood may require multiple treatments, changes to dilutions or contractor grade Fence QSE

How to clean a wooden fence or deck with Wood OX?

  • No special equipment is required
  • You'll just need a garden variety sprayer and hose.
  • Wood Cleaner OX EZ-Pouches, are premeasured, each EZ pouch makes 2.5 gallons of powerful wood cleaner.
  • Soak the Wood , Wait 25 minutes and Rinse Away soot, green algae and grey weathering

What is the EZ-pouch?

EZ pouch packaging takes the risk and guess work out of the using a Cleaner.
The EZ-Pouch is a premeasured powder to be added to water.
No Dish soap required, no liquids to spill.
Learn why focus groups created EZ-Pouch

For Stubborn Stains:

For a contractor grade Wood cleaner choose Deck QSE or Fence QSE

Cleaner Coverage Guide

Full Coverage Contractor Grade HomeOwner Non-Toxic
Fence One Side Every 300 ft Fence Cleaner QSE Wood OX
Fence Both Sides Every 150 ft Fence Cleaner QSE Wood OX
Up to 2000 sq ft
Deck Cleaner QSEWood OX

Wood Fence Cleaner Reviews

What do our customers say about Wood Fence Cleaner?
My fence looks like the day I bought it.
4.9 out of 5 stars
My fence had turned grey and was starting to grow green stuff. I tried to use home a home remedy like vinegar as a mold and mildew cleaner, but that jsut made things worse.
I had used Cleaner TODAY deck cleaner in the summer, and thought I would try to clean my fence.
It worked, and my fence looks new and my grass and plants are fine!
I don't know why other places don't carry products that work but these guys do!
I'd trust them again.
We have told countless people about this product!
5.0 out of 5 stars
Hi. I have just today placed a repeat order for Wood Ox 2000 fence/deck cleaner.
Ordered last summer 2009 and can't tell you enough how pleased we are with this product. We built a new home with natural pine board and batten siding. We used an oil based semi transparent stain on this in 2001-2002 and over the years have experienced mold and mildew growing on the siding to the point that we were desperate for a solution. We ordered the Wood OX Cleaner and have at this point been able to clean 2 sides of the garage and 1 side of the house and it removed all the mildew and pretty well all of the old stain as well.
No damage at all to plants and shrubs. We are now continuing on with the job and found that we will need more product to finish.

We have told countless people about this product and how satisfied we are and how easy it is to apply. We have restained the cleaned siding with WATER BASED (acrylic) semi transparent stain and the result is amazing. We were told that the mold and mildew literally feeds on the oil in the oilbased stain and so the reason for the change to water based.
Hope this information helps someone else in this predicament.

Charlie O'Hare from Ohio