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Contractor Roof Armor - Mold Stain Prevention
Roof Shingle Shield Armor - Prevent roof mold stains
Premium Quality, Roof Stain Prevention.
Great Additional Revenue Stream
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Bulk Size Roof Armor
makes 160 gallons / 24,000 sq Ft of Roof Stain Prevention
That's only 80 cents per Gallon!!
Cleaner Today: $387.77
Contractor Volume Price: $134.80
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Because of the extreme discounts offered, this item is NOT eligible for returns or refunds


Roof Armor - Prevention in a bulk size!

Coverage for 24,000 feet, or approx 8, 30 square roofs.

  • Protect your roof from Future Stains and Algae
  • For Just Cleaned roofs, and Roofs with no stains.
  • No Rinse required
  • Apply from Hose End Sprayer
    (Roof Armor Applicator or PRO Applicator)
  • Annual Application prevents roof stains from appearing.
Roof Armor cleans gently as an annual preventative that can be applied from the end of a hose, and requires no rinsing.

The perfect addition to a roof cleaning business. Roof Armor Contractor Size provides a year after year revenue stream to apply the preventative to roofs cleaned in prior years. Most contractors are charging between $75 and $150 for this annual service (apply twice a year in coastal areas). Your cost per home, under $13.00! Your Profit, over from $60 to $140 for under an hour of work. Remember, Roof Armor Protectanct can be sprayed from the ground, and does not require rinsing! No ladders, time spent rinsing!

The product is safe for plants, pets, painted surfaces and ensures ongoing peace-of-mind that you'll never need to use the roof cleaners again.

Roof Armor packaging saves on shipping costs, by using a concentrated liquid formula, 4 quarts each cover 6,000 sq ft for a total of 24,000 coverage.

Clean the roof, then protect it with Roof ARMOR.

Have a new roof? Prevent stains from day 1 with Roof ARMOR.

If you have not tried Roof Armor, we ask that you purchase the Roof Armor, with our full satisfaction guarantee, before deciding to order the Contractor Roof Armor. Because of the extreme discounts offered on our contractor Roof Armor, this item is NOT eligible for returns or refunds.

How is Roof Armor applied?

Roof Armor Coverage

Roof Armor Protectant makes 160 gallons of shingle stain prevention.
Each gallon will cover 150 sq ft of Roof
160 gallons x 150 sq ft = 24,000 sq ft coverage

Roof Armor is powered by MoldSTAT Plus

MoldSTAT Plus is an EPA registered mold remover which wipes out the roof algae colony so that it can never grow large enough to be visible.

For mold removal on surfaces other than shingle roofs, visits Cleaner Today's departments dedicated to:
mold removal products including :

Contractor Roof Armor Reviews

Great Value, Annual Maintenance Machine
4.7 out of 5 stars
A local supplier went out of business so we switched to . Roof OX roof cleaning chemicals. Before Roof OX, we would come back in a couple years to re-clean shingles, but Roof Armor was a big reason we changed to Cleaner Today Roof Cleaning Supplies. Roof Armor eliminates the annual regrowth of green algae and roof mold that lead to Roof stains. It keeps HomeOwners happy and extends shingle roof life spans. ( Barrel tile too). Purchasing Contractor Armor provides gives us a 50% discount over retail prices. And Volume Pricing can take even another 20% off that.