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How to get rid of black mold

Mold Remediation Articles, Help and FAQ

It's not everyday that a home owner comes face to face with black mold, but when it happens, you need answers to what to do to clean the mold and an idea of what mold removal products will do the job.

Sometimes removing mold can be a simple do-it-yourself home project but based on a the results of a mold inspection it may make more sense to leave mold removal to the professionals with experience in black mold remediation.

We leave dealing with black mold symptoms and signs of black mold exposure to health related sites.

At the top of this page you will find links to detailed FAQs including 'how to kill mold", can help you decide if the mold in house / attic or crawl space is manageable.

Basement / Crawl Space Mold Removal Mold Control during Drywall Replacement
Black Mold in crawl space or basement? MoldSTAT plus can kill it!
Kelsey reviews the solution to her basement mold problem.
Use MoldSTAT Plus mold killer to kill mold on moldy drywall before replacement to limit spread of mold spores
MoldSTAT Organism Kill List Air Conditioner Mold Removal
MoldSTAT Plus kills mold (green mold, black mold etc), But MoldSTAT Plus also has kill claims for Mildew, Fungus, and many Bacteria! Review the full List of the Organisms that MoldSTAT Plus can kill.
AirConditioner Mold Problems? Choose MoldSTAT HVAC, designed to Kill Mold in Air Conditioner Systems.
Attic Mold Removal FAQs Uses for MoldSTAT Plus
Too much moisture, improperly vented bathroom exhaust fan? Time to explore removing mold on wood in the attic? Use MoldSTAT Plus to kill mold on attic building components (trusses, supports and plywood).
What can moldstat plus be used for?
Smoke Damage, Flooding, Carpet Cleaning and of course Mold Removal!
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MoldSTAT Barrier - Clean, Eliminate and Prevent Mold MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer | Makes 21 gallons
Cleaner Today: $24.99
Mold Prevention Sale: $14.65
12 or more: $10.99 (25% Off)
Cleaner Today: $44.99
Mold Killer Savings: $28.75
MoldSTAT Barrier - One Step Mold Removal Spray MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer
Mold Removal and Prevention
EPA registered Mold Killer
Cleans & Kills Mold and Mildew
Prevents regrowth of mold
MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer
EPA registered Mold Killing solution
Non Bleach mold remover
Makes 21 gallons
MoldSTAT HVAC - Air Vent Mold Remover MoldSTAT Barrier Gallon - Mold Removal Spray
Cleaner Today: $51.25
Mold Remover Sale: $36.75
Cleaner Today: $108.91
Mold Prevention Sale: $49.85
Free Delivery Included
MOLDSTAT HVAC - The Effective Mold Odor Control 4 Bottles MoldSTAT Barrier (1 sprayer)
HVAC Mold Remover yields 16 gallons
Controls and inhibits odors
Use for HVAC ductwork cleaning programs.
Mold Removal and Prevention
4 quarts / 1 Gallon
EPA registered mold remediation
Clean, Kill & control Mold and Mildew
Prevents regrowth of mold
Mold Killer Kit (45% Off) Mold Prevention Kit (45% Off)
Cleaner Today: $93.67
Mold Remover Sale: $51.75
Free Delivery Included
Cleaner Today: $104.67
Mold Prevention Sale: $53.65
Free Delivery Included
Mold KIller Kit - MoldSTAT peroxy , Plus & Aireze Mold Prevention Kit
Mold Killer / Cleaner Kit
MoldSTAT Peroxy Kling - Mold cleaner
MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer
2 Aireze - Airborne Mold Odor Remover
Mold Remediation & Prevention Kit
Clean and Kill Mold - MoldSTAT Plus
MoldSTAT Barrier - Mold prevention spray
2 Aireze - Airborne Mold Odor Remover

Product Comparisons

Although we are often asked to compare MoldSTAT Plus to other products (concrobium, microban, mold armor etc), we recommend you review MoldSTAT MSDS for any product you are evaluating.   All products that kill mold must be registered with the EPA, that registration number will be listed on the Material Safety Data Sheet.