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Pantry Moth Traps that work

moth pheromone traps- Pesticide Free

Stop Pantry Moths from causing a moth infestation by using an effective moth control solution - Pantry Moth traps
A Moth Trap is cost effective pantry pest control. Pantry Moths (little brown pantry bugs) that can be trapped by a pheromone trap include: Mediterranean flour moth, indian meal moths, flour moths and most other food pantry moths found in your kitchen cupboard! (including weevils, and cigarette beetles).

Stop wasting food - Buy Pantry moth traps

Pantry Moths in Moth Trap
Pantry moths in your cupboard? Little bugs in your pasta, corn starch or peanuts? Bird seed moths in the garage? Say Hello to the Indianmeal moth ( Plodia interpunctella ) a common pantry pest.
A moth infestation in house kitchen pantry is able to cause food waste; but you can catch and get rid of pantry moths!
Moth Traps make Trapping moths easy! Where can you buy moth pheromone traps for effective natural moth control? Right here!
Pantry Moth Pheromone Traps are placed inside your pantry cupboard able to catch and kill moths, protecting food and grain from pantry moth infestations. (Also called flour moth traps)

Get moths out of your kitchen using nature! The natural pheromone pantry pest trap is the secret to moth control without poisons. The secret to pantry moth traps is the use of a female moth pheromone which attracts and traps the male moth, and breaks the reproduction life cycle. If moths don't mate, then you won't find any Moth Larvae (pale white 'waxworms' about 1/2 inch long). No moth larvae = no adult moths. Pheromone powered moth glue traps - the secret to simple, sage moth removal powered by natural instincts.
(Catchmaster pantry moth traps are completely safe around food because they are pesticide free, for food safety you should never use a insecticide moth spray)

Pest Control : Pantry Moths Traps powered by Science

Choose Professional Strength Nature powered Catchmaster moth traps when trapping and exterminating pantry pests moths. Catchmaster natural moth traps for food and pantry moths emit a time released moth pheromone which a male indian meal moth is able to sense. Once the trap catches the moth the super sticky moth trap glue prevents that male moth from reproducing which means no moth larvae, and over several cycles ends the moth infestation.
Moth Pheromone Traps scientifically proven to be able to lure food moths ( indian meal moth, mediterranean flour moth, bird seed moths, grain moths, kitchen moth, etc) commonly found in a pantry and food storage areas.
Moth larvae can infest your house and turn dog food, bird seed and other store bought grains into a home moth depot, but kitchen moth traps can catch and control them!

Pantry Moth Traps - Natural, effective and non-toxic

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Able Catch Pantry Moth Traps 2 Moth Traps - Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap

Instinct Driven Moth traps
Non-toxic, pesticide free pheromone lure. 2 Green moth traps.
ACPPT - Able Catch Pantry Pest Moth Traps

Retail w/Delivery : $9.25
Pantry Moth Trap Price: $5.55
40% off retail
Able Catch Pantry Moth Traps 6 Moth Traps - Able Catch

Green, Natural Moth traps
Safe for Pets and Family, natural pheromone lure.
6 Green moth traps.
Able Catch Pantry Pest Moth Traps

Retail: $27.75
Pantry Moth Trap Price: $14.75
45% off retail
Bird Seed Moth Traps Bird Seed Moth Traps (2 moth traps)

Effective, No-Poison bird seed moth traps
Traps bird seed moths, grain and other pantry moths.
2 complete bird seed moth traps.
No Poison, Bird Seed Safe

Retail Store : $8.98
Bird Seed Moth Traps: $5.85
33% Off Retail
Indian Meal Moth Traps Indian Meal Moth Traps (2 moth traps)

Safe, Effective, pesticide free moth traps
Moth traps get rid of indian meal moth, flour moth and other pantry moths.
2 indian meal moth traps.
Moth traps that work!

Retail Store : $8.98
Moth Trap Price: $5.85
33% Off Retail
Able Catch Pantry Moth Traps 12 Pantry Moth Traps - Shipping Included

Green, Natural Moth traps
Safe for Pets and Family, natural pheromone lure.
12 Green moth traps.
Able Catch Pantry Pest Moth Traps

Retail w/Delivery : $55.55
Pantry Moth Trap Price: $26.85
50% off retail & Shipping INCLUDED
Flour Moth Trap Flour Moth Trap (2 flour moth traps)

Effective, No-Poison flour moth trap
Controls flour bugs, mealy moth, and other pantry pests.
2 complete flour moth traps.

Retail Store : $8.98
Flour Moth Trap: $5.85
33% Off Retail
Catchmaster Pantry Pest Traps Pantry Pest Traps (2 moth traps by Catchmaster)

Pantry Pest Traps
Safer than pesticides, non-toxic
Targets Flour and Grain moths
Contains 2 complete traps.

Retail Store : $8.98
Pantry Pest Trap Price: $5.85
33% Off Retail
Pantry Moth trap Moth Trap Special - 8 Moth Traps

Moth Traps on Sale
Safer, Effective, non-toxic.
Moth traps eliminate the pantry pest flour moth, indian meal moth and other pantry moths.
8 pantry moth traps.

Retail Store: $35.92
Moth Trap Sale: $19.85
45% Off Retail
Pantry Moth traps Moth Traps - 16 moth traps via Priority Mail

Pantry moth traps
Safe, non-toxic way to kill pantry moths.
Best Moth Traps for little brown moth, kitchen moth, indian meal moth, and other food moths
Natural pheromone lure
16 complete moth traps

Retail Store: $71.84
Moth Trap Special: $39.70
Priority Mail Included

Moth Facts : learn about plodia interpunctella moths

What is that little brown moth?, What are the gray worms in my cereal?, Are pantry moths dangerous? What is an indian meal moth? Find out!: Moth trapper insect guide :

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What can I do to get moths out of my cupboard?
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Do I have a moth larvae, pantry worms or weevil infestation?
Explore information about getting rid of moths using Moth traps!

Difference between pantry moth traps , Indian Meal Moth traps, flour moth traps?

Most moth traps are described by the trap location or the type of food a moth can be found in.
For example when a moth trap is described by location they can be called :
  • pantry moth trap
  • kitchen moth traps
  • cupboard moth trap
  • .
An alternate way to describe a moth trap is based on the diet of the food moth:
this includes food based moth traps: bird seed moth trap, indian meal moth trap, flour moth traps, pasta, oatmeal, wheat and cereal grain moth traps.

Getting rid of pantry bugs using moth control technology is the same regardless of the type of pantry pest, extermination using moth pheromone traps is able to lure & catch any variation of the indian meal moth regardless of location.

Special Note: We don't carry clothes moth traps: We have not been able to find a high quality clothes moths trap or moth repellants. The catchmaster pantry moth trap is designed to work with Food and Pantry Moths which includes any indoor moth except those found in closets and fabrics.

Moth Trap : Free Shipping

Some moth traps include free priority shipping or if you spend over $35 on products (including moth traps) free shipping is included.

Moth Trap Reviews

4.95 out of 5 stars
Complete Moth Elimination!
I have had a persistent problem in my pantry with an indian meal moth infestation.
I tried everything i was able to with minimal effect. then I bought the catchmaster pantry pest moth traps and I'm certain I'll have complete elimination in short order!
They are VERY effective!
Shipping was fast and the web site is user friendly.
I"ll definitely recommend this site to other people!
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