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Excellent Bird Seed Moth Traps Reviewed

No more parrot food for BirdSeed Moths

Bird Seed Moth traps Product Review
4.75 out of 5 stars
My moth trap order was shipped Monday and I received my order on Wednesday morning and immediately set two seed moth traps. The results were amazing (see pictures). Kitchen Moths captured in La Mesa Kitchen Moth Trap in a cracker box from La Mesa

One seed moth trap was placed on top of a bookcase next to my Parrot's cage and the second trap was placed in the garage on top of a refrigerator next to a stack of bags of cherry pits (pellet stove fuel).

I want to thank you for your excellent product and your speedy service.

Joseph B from Kansas

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Bird Seed Moth Traps Bird Seed Moth Traps (2 moth traps)

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