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Clean your Stained* Roof!

* includes Moss, Mold, Algae, mildew and Liichen..

Don't replace a functional roof. Just Clean it!

Roof Cleaner OX 3000, get your roof back Roof Cleaner OX 3000, get your roof back
Best Roof Cleaner...

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From: Scott Sellinger - Atlanta
Re: Cleaning Shingles with Roof Cleaner OX

A few seconds... That's all the time you've really got before anyone walking up to your house forms an impression. All you have is about 12 seconds before that relative, neighbor or visitor has noticed the roof shingle stains, mold, algae or even roof moss that ruins the appearance of your home. No matter how clean the inside of the house is, the roof shingles are 40% of the first impression.

Why are new roofs so common? Roofs have a 20 year warranty, but I see neighbors spending thousands of dollars every 7-10 years, just to replace stained roof shingles. If you are thinking about selling your house, think twice. Stained roofs loose the sale right from the get-go. When buyers do choose a home with a roof stains, they know they can get $10,000 off the asking price!

So the burning question is "How can YOU keep roof clean without replacing roof shingles?" I've got just the answer. A Roof Cleaner that makes cleaning the roof stains and moss that plague your roof. It makes Roof Cleaning Quick Simple and Effective and it's powered by Oxygen. So it's called Roof OX. Pick a weekend day, Spray the roof cleaner on, wait 25 minutes, and rinse it off. Stains will begin to vanish, and your pride in your home will increase 10 times! With a few minutes of your time, you can save over $9,500 by not having to replace your roof. Roof Cleaning, it's one of the best kept secrets. Cleaner TODAY supplies products to professional contractors who clean roofs for a living (they can make over 75K / year). But we have decided to allow home owners in on the clean roof secret as well.

Real Results .. Real Fast!

Check it out - Roof Cleaner OX makes the stains disappear, and keeps money in your pocket!


"Roof Cleaner OX turns back time on eyesore stained roofs!"

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As you can see from the above pictures, when treated with Roof Cleaner OX the roof looks like it did before the stains.

While we generally only sell to roof cleaning professionals (yes they do exist), we are also selling direct to homeowners. After discussing this with a focus group of professionals, they agreed that they have TOO much Business Already. They routinely, have to say no to homeowners who want their roof cleaned, because they are booked months in advance (some have actually increased their rates because demand is so strong).

The bottom line, there are far more roofs that need cleaning, then there are roof cleaning professionals.

What do contractors say?

Daniel Ohio Roof Cleaner

"I've cleaned roofs for 6 years, and Roof OX is the only product that works!"

When I started cleaning roofs in Virginia in 8 years ago, I spent a 2 years trying every roof cleaner on the market. I figured that a roof cleaner was just like any other cleaner, a dime a dozen.
I could NOT have been more WRONG!

Nothing worked the way I needed. Some took 3 times the amount of cleaning product, others (bleach ) killed the plants, and I had to replace shrubs.

Owning a roof cleaning business, I just need to get the stains cleaned the first time. I don't have time to mess around, and I certainly don't want a roof cleaner that takes 3 times the amount to do the job, even if its a 1/3 of the price!

When I was talking to another Roof Cleaner from Georgia, he swore by Roof OX (it used to be called Quality USA). He said the results were unbelievable. I purchased some, and haven't looked back. It cleans, is safe for plants, and gives me the confidence to get the job done.

With the addition of Roof Armor Mold Prevention (the Stain Blocker) I can also offer my customers a stain prevention plan. With the Clean Roof Forever Plan( Roof Cleaning and Stain Blocking ) I have been able to offer my customers a full service roof maintenance plan.
Thanks a TON Scott for such a GREAT Roof Cleaner!

Daniel in Ohio

If you ask any good roof cleaning professional, they will tell you that the single biggest way to increase your your business is to have a product that works!

Replacing your roof costs thousands of dollars, approximately $1.50 in labor and $1.50 in materials, thats over $3.00 per square foot!! and the old shingles end up a land-fill. Roof Cleaner OX can cost 1.5 CENTS

Needless to say, roof cleaning is extremely eye-opening. No longer will spending $10,000 on a new roof be the only way to make you proud of your home. I have been ecstatic ever since we decided to extend this offer to homeowners! The first thing I wanted to do, and knew I needed to do, was spread the word and help other homeowners just like you escape from wasting money on new roofs!

Home Owners say?

Daniel Ohio Roof Cleaner

People just like you have saved thousands with Roof Cleaning

My roof looks fantastic, in a single day!

To be honest my roof was an eyesore. The neighbors would stare at it when walking by. The shingles were only 7 years old, but they had become streaked and stained. The stains just kept growing.

The shingles were supposed to be algae resistant, but it sure didn't stop the algae and mold. It nearly covered my roof.

I couldn't stand the idea of spending another $11,500 to replace the roof again. It was supposed to last 25 years!

Then a neighbor quietly let me in on the secret to roof cleaning. He had the stain problem several years ago, but now his roof is spotless. Roof OX he told me was the way to clean roofs, without having to replace them. I quickly found your product, and ordered it. I looked at other roof cleaners but they were much more expensive, and well, my neighbor used Roof OX, so I figured it made sense to me!

I applied the product and that same day over 80% of the stains were gone, and over the next 2 weeks the rest of the really bad stains faded.

Well, now neighbors comment on my lawn, and compliment my landscaping, the roof looks great, and best of all I take more pride in my home!

Thanks for saving my roof! Rick B
Charlotte, NC

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Roof Cleaner OX 3000

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Next fall, come back and add Roof Armor Mold Prevention to keep the roof stains from returning.

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