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Origin of "OX" product name

An OX tail... I mean, OX Tale..

From the early days in North America, life was hard, labor was back breaking, and output was barely enough to live on.  That is until the the faithful OX entered into the picture.  With an OX, the amount of land the could be plowed in a year went from 1 acre to 120 acres, the output of food increased 100 fold. 
Oxen have gone down in history as contributors to labor and hard work.  Whether we recall stories of Paul Bunyan and 'Babe' his Blue OX, or simply refer to hard work as 'working like an OX', we have always recognized that the OX has made life simpler for centuries.

As 2000 came upon us, discoveries of science have found more ways to make life simpler.  One of them, harnessing the power of oxygen in a powdered Oxygen Bleach form has recently found an entry into our daily lives.  Non Toxic Oxygen Bleach is used for cleaning anything from clothes, to Tile, to Fences, Deck and even the roof over our heads.

When Cleaner TODAY set out to design a non toxic Oxygen Bleach roof cleaner, we found that harnessing the power of oxygen would provide a strong cleaner that was harmless to the environment.  This cleaner makes daily chores easier because it works so hard!

In looking for a name, we recalled the heritage of North America, and the OXEN who worked tirelessly to improve our lives. In tribute to the OX of the 1800's Cleaner TODAY's oxygen powered cleaners bear the name 'OX' because they make your life simpler, cleaning easier, and allow you more time to do what you enjoy.

As you shop our site, and choose a cleaner that's right for your family, remember that even today, you can harness an OX and as a thanks to OXEN from the centuries gone by.

Buy with Confidence, put the OX to work for you!

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Roof Mold Cleaner OX Shingle Roof Mold Cleaner OX 1500

Eco Safe Asphalt Shingle Cleaner
Spray on Shingle Roof Mold Cleaner
Then rinse off roof fungus and roof algae.
Small Home / Garage size (1500 roof ft)

Cleaner Today: $43.95
Seasonal Sale : $32.75
Siding Cleaner OX Siding Cleaner OX 2000

Eco-friendly Siding Cleaner OX
eco Friendly Oxygen based Eco-friendly
Safe on all painted surfaces
Spray on, Rinse off
Gently Clean PVC / Vinyl Fence and Deck materials!
Coverage 2000 sq ft / 4lb package

Cleaner Today: $43.75
Seasonal Sale : $32.75
Wood Cleaner OX Wood OX 2000 Fence Cleaner / Deck Cleaner

Deck & Fence Cleaner Oxygen Bleach
(Non-toxic oxygen bleach)
Spray on wood, Rinse off stains, no scrubbing.
Powerful Oxygen Bleach removes grime without Chlorine
Eco-friendly deck cleaner, 2000 sq ft.

Cleaner Today: $43.75
Seasonal Sale : $32.75