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Clean Roof Forever - OX Pro Bundle
Roof Cleaner PRO OX Bundle
Roof Wash Kit coverage 3000 sq ft
Includes: Roof Cleaner, Stain Prevention & Applicator

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Soft Wash Roof Cleaner Bundle

Choose the Roof Cleaner OX Professional Bundle for a safe roof wash alternative to bleach. Includes Black Streak Shingle Cleaner OX 3000, Black Algae Roof Stain Prevention Roof Armor and Soft Wash Pro Applicator in one box!

Roof Cleaner OX 3000

Premium soft wash roof cleaning product Roof Cleaner OX will wash away roof stains caused by roof mold, roof mildew and moss. Environmentally friendly roof cleaning products, are the safest way to wash roof shingles. Other roof cleaning products use dangerous chemicals, but not the OX!

Roof Cleaner OX is oxygenated, with added surfactants to revive your roof shingles the same day you apply. Just use a High Volume / Low Pressure ( 150pis) Soft Wash rinse.

Includes enough Roof Cleaner OX to cover 3000 sq ft.

and 3,000 sq ft Roof Armor Protectant

Roof Armor roof stain prevention is a roof cleaning product that can be applied once a year to prevent green & black algae, roof mold and other roof stains from returning. Roof Armor stain prevention does not require rinsing and can be sprayed from the ground, making it a simple roof cleaning preventive measure to keep your roof shingles looking new for years!

Professional Applicator

The Roof Cleaning Professional Applicator attaches to the end of your garden hose and can spray BOTH Roof Cleaner OX and Roof Armor roof cleaning products using different dilution settings.
Sprays Up 25ft*
* ground level, horizontal, 80psi source; Water Pressure, Roof Height and Pitch reduce distance
This professional roof cleaning applicator can also be used for washing cars, decks etc.

Powerful , Easy to Use Roof Cleaning Products
To Remove Embarrassing Roof Stains AND prevent them from coming back!

Roof Cleaner OX, Roof Armor and Pro Applicator bundle.

Professional, Easy and cost effective roof cleaning solution

How are Roof OX and Roof Armor applied?

Best results require no special equipment.
Roof Cleaning products bundle includes a Professional Grade Applicator that attaches to the garden hose.
Roof Cleaner OX comes in Roof Cleaner OX EZ-Pouches which are premeasured
Roof Armor is a concentrated Liquid Protectanct.
Both are added to the Professional roof cleaning products Applicator with different mix settings dialed in.

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What is the difference between Roof Cleaning products : Roof Cleaner OX and Roof Cleaner QSE ?

Roof Washing with roof cleaner OX products is better suited for a homeowner who may be uncomfortable handling a professional strength roof cleaning product. Roof Cleaner OX products are also our most environmentally friendly roof cleaning products.
Roof Cleaner QSE uses an industrial strength roof cleaning formula designed for professionals who need quick results with heavy duty roof cleaning product.

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Same day results you can see!

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What is the Roof Cleaner OX EZ-pouch?

Cleaner Today EZ pouch packaging makes using a Roof Cleaning Product easier.
Each EZ pouch is premeasured and ready to be added to water.
No Dish soap required, no liquids to spill.

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What does Full Coverage mean?

Full Coverage is our term for honest pricing and estimating
The number on the product represents FULL STRENGTH COVERAGE, 100% strength, no ranges, no guessing.

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Simple on Steep

The included Pro Applicator makes applying roof cleaning products to steep roofs easy!

Once my Roof is clean, how do I prevent roof stains?

Roof ARMOR prevents roof mold, black Streaks, roof fungus and roof stains from returning.
Roof Armor can be applied to a clean roof, or a recently cleaned roof.
No rinsing required with Roof Armor.

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Roof Cleaner OX EZ Pouches can be stored up to 2 years.

What are the Black Streaks on my roof?

The black streaks, Roof fungus Stains, Roof Mold, Algae Stains; call it what you want! You have been invaded by Gloeocapsa magma, a very hardy algae. The roof algae was probably deposited on your roof shingles by wind and/or wildlife. The black streaks and shingle discoloration is an accumulation of dead roof algae cells. While roof algae can grow just about anywhere in the continental U.S.A., it prefers humid environments. Premium Roof Cleaning Products can remove these black streaks. Follow the cleaner with Roof Armor Annual Stain Prevention that stops regrowth of the roof stains, and black roof streaks.

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Which product do customers ultimately buy?

54% buy this item Clean Roof Forever OX Pro Bundle
24% buy Roof Cleaner Forever OX Bundle
15% buy Clean Roof Forever QSE Bundle
7% buy HomeOwner Roof Cleaner OX 3000 - (8 lbs / 16 gallons)

Roof Cleaner OX All-In-One Pro Bundle Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Roof Cleaner OX All-In-One Pro Bundle?
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What a difference!
4.8 out of 5 stars
When we moved into our home 10yrs ago the roof was already 7yrs old. As time went by the roof stains became more and more noticeable. When we finally decided to do something about the black streaks roof replacement was just not something we could afford. My wife ordered the Roof OX bundle and we hoped it would work.

The roof has never looked better! You guys have a great product that in a very real way saved us over $9,000 by not needing to replace the shingles. Living on a fixed income we can’t say how happy we are that the roof ox worked.

I called to ask more about the “roof armor” that came in the bundle and it made my day to find out that by just applying the armor every fall it will keep the roof stains at bay! Cleaner Today really has a winning product and we will be lifetime customers.. Thank you.